Do you live the sex life that you deserve as a man?


You were born to be sexual, you were born to be social.


A great sex life and social life is your birthright. You were born to do it. What separates The Sexual Life (TSL) from other approaches in men’s development is we believe everything you need to be socially and sexually healthy is already within you. Millions of years of evolution resulted in who you are as a social and sexual being. Our job is to find that empower it and broadcast it to the world around us.

What we teach and how we teach comes from this philosophy. For nearly a decade we have been the only company that teaches from Authenticity, Customization and finding techniques, methods and systems that serve you and how you were born to be. There is no cookie cutter approach to who you are, why should their be one to your social and sexual life?


Your desire for happiness, ambition and you social and sexual life are forces of nature. You ill always fight for them. When you don’t have them you will feel frustrated and in deficit. Our culture, our beliefs and our confused image of man and woman is constantly trying to limit and shape that force of nature.

This is why TSL teaches Social Dynamics, Lifestyle Empowerment and works 1-on-1 with its clients to tap into who you are. We teach to speak form authenticity.

When anyone can speak from their authenticity and communicate that to the world you become an expression of empowerment. there is no compromise in this. If you’re not being you, you’re not living the sexual life.

As we say –

Be Social

Be Sexual

Live Life

“You Were Born to Be Sexual”


Be Social

Your expression is what you were born to do.  It is already within you.  No matter what your circumstances are – social anxiety, bad relationships, divorce, wanting a better dating life, what make TSL so unique is we believe in the fundamentals of building a great social life.

This means, the more we can connect to the world around us the more we will be in touch with our fulfillment, purpose and drive as a man.  Whether you’re already living a  great social life, or you suffer from the hurdles of social anxiety TSL will give you the keys to your greatest social expression ever known.

Be Sexual

One of the greatest forces of nature that is already within you is your sex drive.  Sexual fulfillment is what you were made for and this is exactly what TSL teaches.  Everything that we teach is based on how people have sex, connect and experience pleasure.   From how we meet people, to how we build rapport, to sexual escalation and even lifestyle and relationship design – we base on how we were born to have sex.

Man and woman are incomplete without a relationship to their sexual expression.  Everything in TSL is meant to achieve this point of sexual fulfillment.  Your masculinity is dependent on it.


It is not success if you’re not being yourself.  For years in order to be happy and have a great social and sexual life we were taught to be someone else.  This has always been what distinguished TSL from any other teaching system.  We demand authenticity.

You will be yourself.  You will be you.  You will learn to plug that into an adaptable social dynamic and through that you will achieve massive results.  The difference is this.  If you’re not congruent with you interactions, your sex life, your relationships and how you live, no matter what your result you will never be happy.  Fulfillment is dependent on a system of social dynamics that customizes to you.


How we teach at TSL is group based.  Of course there is 1-on-1 coaching, however we eleven that community is one of the greatest tools man can work within.  The way humanity was born to be social was to feed off of one another.

When working as a community of men, we build a culture.  We no longer need to stop forcing ourselves to do actions. We no longer need to pressure ourselves to get results, we no longer need to force accountability.  We are able to build a culture and community where men can be men.  Learning the most effective ways and yield the best results – in their social life, sexual life and lifestyle.


Everything in TSL works.  It is not just good it is the best.  What we discovered years ago, and thousands of clients later was that when you allowed a demand for authenticity, into a customized social dynamic we unlocked a massive force of nature.

Your results will be more fulfilling, more satisfying and just plain better than any other system of social dynamics out there.  Your relationships, your connections and your sex life will finally be exactly where they need to be.  You will be happy, you will be fulfilled and you will be living the Sexual Life.

“Are You Ready to Live the Sex Life
You Were Born to Live?”

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