When people talk about their lives in the ‘self-help’ industry there is always an emphasis on what it was like and how we over came our giant hurdles of the past. For me it was no different. The real story happens after I started to change and live the TSL Way of Life. The main thing is that years ago I was done with feeling lonely, angry and frustrated when it came to my life and the people in it. Needless to say I had been desperate before, but this time I took action. Those actions brought me to a point I would have never expected.

I felt guilty about change, I felt confused and unclear about how life could get better. In many ways it seemed like it would be best to continue to simply live the way I was living. I had become a father. I was in and out of a multitude of dysfunctional relationships (personal and romantic). However, when you have nothing going right in your life you don’t always see it. You just feel how I felt, alone, angry, frustrated and sick and tired of being sick and tired. It is easy for me to forget about these times because my life is so distant from those days.

What’s surprising is my first step in all of this came out of nowhere… I wanted to get better with women. I wanted to be ‘that guy’ who could meet, attract and seduce the women I have never gotten in life. Believe it or not this is the leaver that catapulted me to the greatest evolution of my life.

Pick Up Artist

In 2006 I started the path that made me one of the best ‘Pick Up Artists’ in the world. I gained the skill to not only go up to a woman (one I never thought I could get, deserve, or deserved of having in my life) meet her, attract her and seduce her, but also my lifestyle exploded. I began traveling around the world teaching this ‘art’. In a matter of 9 months I went from being a desperate, hungry and willing to do anything lonely man, to a man with an abundance of women.

However for me there was still more that needed to be uncovered. Despite having the ability to meet beautiful women and have sex with them I was still unfulfilled. What more could a man want? In fact in 2008, after 2 years of traveling, teaching and experiencing the lifestyle everyman dreams of I hit another bottom.

There was something inside of me that drove my sexual urge and my need to communicate with the world that was bigger than simply ‘having’ something. It was something that I couldn’t define by sleeping with a woman, or parading around in a larger than life lifestyle. This was the experience of life. This is what I now know to be the lack of being social, being sexual and living life. However, how could this be? I was being social, I was having sex and by most people’s definition I was living a superlative lifestyle.


This is where I met a whole new set of teachers in my life. I met people that had me look within. I met people who shared a different value that highlighted things like experience, connection and most of all sex. I began to see that sex and life were directly connected to one another. Socializing had to be an expression of of self and a form of communication with deeper parts of ourselves. Sex was also a form of communication, and intense expression of me and at least one other person.

How I socialized and how I lived life were directly related. In order for me to life the best life, with the best women and friends I had to live the best expression of myself. In creating the Sexual Life, I not only developed unique forms of Social Dynamics that were more effective than what existed in the market place, but I made it about truly living the best life.


Now my life is simple. My life is happy (of course I still have my bad days), but what is important is the hungry voice that once cried within me, screaming in frustration, loneliness and discontent is silent. I never knew it at the time, but the life I have now is the one I always wanted. Whether I am traveling around the world living a life full of adventure, women and sex or I am at home working from my home and watching movies. My actions are an absolute expression of who I am.

The funny thing is that when I was alone and angry sifting from one poor relationship to the next all I wanted was the skills to go up and meet a hot chick and have want me back. Don’t get me wrong that is a great skill to have, but it is such a small piece of the puzzle. Today I do my best to life the Sexual Life, a life where I am happy, abundant and the results of my life are effortless…why because I live.