Women + Personal Excellence



The Problem

You can learn how to get everything you want, to be successful in business, to find your
passion, your purpose, to realize all of your goals, but without meaningful relationships
with women all of this means nothing.

At the same time, being incredible with women means nothing and leads to personal
destruction if we do not learn how to be our best selves, and to find our purpose, our
passion, and realize our goals.

The Solution

Mastermind is a program dedicated to letting you live the ideal life, the Sexual Life. this
is a program that teaches you exactly the steps you need to take so that you are a man who is:

  • Able to meet the women you want
  • Relationships with women that make you a better man
  • In touch with what really drives you
  • A physical expression of your best self
  • Consistent awareness and contact with your purpose
  • Living as who you were meant to be

Without all of these things, our lives will find a way to collapse. They will be out of

The Structure

6 Months

The Resources

Coaching Calls





The Curriculum

Phase 1: Man of Ambition

Phase 2: Man of Seduction

Phase 3: Man of Purpose

Phase 4: Man of Status

Phase 5: Man of Life

“Authenticity leaves little space between who you are and what you do”
“There is something I do not know, the knowing of which could change everything”

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