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At Home  Intensive 

Starting at $7 

The Complete Better Man’s Guide to –

  • Meet Women 
  • Dating
  • Building Rapport & Connection  
  • Have the Best Sex Life 

TSL – The Social Dynamics to Be the Better Man!


9 Audio Lesson   

Over 5 Hours   

Be the Better Man!


There is nothing more powerful than having the tools to connect communicate and build the relationships you reserve.  Let’s face it, if you have the social skills to connect with the right people in your life while being an authentic expression of yourself you will have a dramatically improved life.

You won’t just have better women and a better sex life, but you will have better friends, advance further in your career and have enriched relationships all across the board.

For the first time here’s our product on Being the Best Man you can Possibly Be!.   In fact you can start for $7


“I just want to approach better women, where do I start? “    In Lesson 1 we cover that!  Not just in one way, but in a variety of ways for the many different situations you’re going to find yourself in.

“I don’t want to have to change who I am to meet the women I want…”    In Lesson 1 we also cover this.  When we say a “Better Man’s Guide” we mean just that!  How you can learn how to meet the women in your life, while being a better man!

“I want to have the sexual adventures I always dreamed of with the women I always dreamed of.”  Well Guess what Lesson 4 & 5 are completely dedicated to sex, seduction and you living an amazing sex life.  From, technique to process of seduction, you’re going to learn the best ways to be a sexual man, to being the best in bed.

“What if I have no experience with women?”  There’s a few places you can start, but Lesson 6, the Empowered Identity is not a bad place to start.  The Better Man’s Guide is not a magic wand, but it is powerful tool.  If you set out to work hard, this course will teach you how to GET the experience you need to progress to be a social and sexual man.

“Look I just want to be happy with my relationships.  I have friends and girls friends, can you help with that?”  This is EXACTLY what we do at TSL.   In Lesson 7 & 8 you will learn the proper lifestyle and mentality to live a great life!  This is the whole point of TSL, the Social Dynamic to Live a Better Life.

“I just want to be a good date”  Lesson 3 is all about this!  It will not only teach you how to be a good date, but also have the dates that work best for you.  For instance if you want to have a date that leads to sex, there are a few KEY things you NEED to do.  We cover that.  If you want to have a dating life where you’re active, but looking for a relationship you have got to take a different course of action.  For every motivation you have in your dating life, you need to have a different plan, and we cover that!


This is the 100% Best Program You’ll Ever Find on Being a Better Man & Having the Best Dating Life!

All 9 Lessons Cover – 

  • Approaching 
  • Social Anxiety
  • Dating 
  • Conversation, Connection, Rapport
  • Sexual Rapport 
  • Seduction
  • Sexual Escalation 
  • Text Messaging (even dirty text message ideas)
  • Building Relationships
  • Lifestyle 
  • Cultivating a Focused Mind


If you want a Solid Foundation on Your Social Life & Sexual Life while Building the Foundation of a Great Man, this course is a MUST!


Phase 1 – Be Social –


Lesson 1 – Approaching to Connect

Building the Natural Social Intelligence to Connect

25 Min Lesson Breakdown

  • Have your Approaches Connect in 2-5 mins
  • Isolate quickly
  • Unknot your Social Anxiety & Approach Anxiety  
  • 3 Myths the PUA Industry teaches you that make you Worse at meeting women
  • Approach and transition instantly to her deeper persona
  • Learn the 4 Points of Engagement that will get you to connect and isolate in your engagements

Only – $7

The number 1 questions asked when it comes to dating women is ‘How do I open’, or ‘How do I approach?’ And nearly every social dynamics technique and PUA technique out there gets it completely wrong.  What makes TSL’s Better Man’s Guide so unique is it demand complete Authenticity – there is no exception to this.  This is how we build the best relationships and have the best dating life.  And it is the best way to meet women.  It doesn’t matter if you have Social Anxiety (aka Approach Anxiety) or have little experience with dating women, TSL’s Approaching to Connect is truly the Better Man’s Guide to meeting women.









Lesson 2 – Connecting

Rapport through Natural Conversation 

35min Lesson Breakdown

Learn the Valuable Life Skill of Connection & Rapport  

In 2-5 mins Connect to – 

  • Her Sexual Persona
  • Her Emotional Persona
  • Her Relationship Persona
  • Rapport Cycling – The Technique that will land you in Rapport in any situation (sales to seduction)
  • Find the 5 Best Topics to Make You Conversations Stick
  • Have the People You Talk to Value your Inner Values

Only – $7

If you want to know what to say to a woman and have her instantly connected to you in about 5 minute, you came to the right place.  TSL’s claim to fame has always been its ability to teach connection and rapport while being a 100% authentic expression of yourself.  In TSL’s Better Man’s Guide to Connecting – Building Rapport through Natural Conversation you will learn a model of connection and rapport that will have people saying to you –  “I can’t believe I just met you, it seems like I have known you forever” and only 3 or 4 mins will have gone by.  The best part is, this skill is adaptable, helping you with Sales, Job Interviews and Building any type of Social Connection. This is truly a MUST for anybody who is looking to improve their social life and make stronger connections – Personally and Professionally.









Lesson 3 – Connections to Dating

How to turn Rapport and Connection into an amazing Dating Life

25min Lesson Breakdown

  • Date Better Women, Have the Best Experiences
  • Get Out of the ‘Friend-Zone’ – The Exchange of Intent
  • The Dating Checklist – Your Tool to Make Your Dates Stick, Be an Adventure and Better Your Life
  • The Right Way to ‘Get Sexual’ & Escalate on a Date
  • The Better Man Lifestyle – Date, Be Sexual, Be Authentic

Only – $7

The key to a successful Social and Sexual Life is a flourishing dating life.  Let’s face it when you now how to be a good date, have an amazing time on your dating adventures and know how to escalate, you’re feeling pretty good.   In the age of the internet we get caught up in searching for free online dating sites, or how to make our online dating profile catch ‘her’ eye rather than actually getting out there and meeting women.  In this Lesson we breakdown – How to build the right rapport to make your dates stick.  How to set up your dates.  How to minimize flakes on your dates.  What to do on your dates and How to escalate on your dates.  For a man that is active in this modern day and age this is an essential to meet women, dating women and being sexual!  It’s time to shine with TSL’s Better Man’s Guide to Dating!








Phase 2 – Be Sexual –



Lesson 4 – The Nature of Seduction

55min Lesson Breakdown

  • Discover the Unlimited Sexuality Within
  • Overcome Sexual Anxiety & Sexual Dysfunction
  • The 5 Keys to Sexual Fulfillment
  • Unlock Every Woman’s Personal Vixen
  • Give the Most Intimate and Intense Sexual Experience of a Woman’s Life 

Only – $17

Whether your a man that is casually playing the field meeting women or you’re looking to settle down, be Sexual and being Sexually Healthy is key.  How do we be happy and fulfilled with our sex life, and still have it be fruitful?   Seduction is our language in TSL. This is everything you will need to know to have a good sex life. Sex and seduction is the foundation to our philosophy, principles and our title. One of the main reasons why people some to TSL is to find some answers to sex. Everyone deserves and wants a have better sex life. Sex eludes people in many ways. Connecting physically, mentally and emotionally when it comes to sex can be hard. If you want to live the Sexual Life, have great connections, the best Sexual Experiences and honor the women you’re with then The Nature of Seduction is for you!









Lesson 5 – The Nature of Escalation

30min Lesson Breakdown

The Most Effective Escalation Model in Existence

  • The Fine art of Arousal
  • Overcome and Alleviate Sexual Anxiety 
  • 6 Points of Escalation 
  • Elicit her Intent, to be Turned On ‘To the Point of No Return’
  • Learn to Seduce for Total Fulfillment (Emotional, Mental, Physical)

Only – $17

Man’s ability to please a woman and give her the best sexual experience of her life is one of his greatest tools.  And now that tool can be yours.  When you know how to escalate sexually you have a beautiful opportunity. You have the ability to open someone up, change their life and see the greatest parts about yourself, through someone else. Sexual escalation is an art form. Like in all things taught in TSL all techniques are dependent of self-expression, so everything is customizable. There are 6 principles of escalation that follow a map of exchange, fulfillment and release. These 6 principles will allow you to unlock your ability to give the greatest gift humanity is capable of – the best sex of your life.

Living the Sexual Life, being sexually healthy and a true expression of who you are is dependent upon you being sexual. The Language of Escalation is our road to true personal empowerment.








Phase 3 – The Bonus Material –



TSL Bonus 1 – Complete Guide to Text Messaging

45min Lesson Breakdown

  • Engage Without Fail Immediately Over Text Message, Email, Instant Messenger,  or Chat
  • Elicit a Woman’s Fantasy Mode Over Text
  • Learn the 3 Different Languages of Text Message
  • Communicate to Her Intimate Side
  • Instant Isolate with Text Message
  • Get Sexual Over Text Message – The Dirty Text Messages
  • Build a Deep Connection Through Tying on Your Phone

Only $17

If you’re someone who has an active dating life in any age bracket, you need to know what to send in a text messaging. The skill of text messaging is essential!  Whether it is funny text messages, or dirty text messages, you will know what to do and how to do it, after studying this thorough audio lesson. You have got to know how to connect, build relationships and even escalate via messaging.   Whether it is over the phone, emails or an instant messenger TSL’s Text Messaging breakdown will give you the tools to unlock personalities, build massive connections and connect with people so deeply over text that people will think they have known you for years, when it has really been a few days of simply messaging back and forth.  And of course…every man should know the right way to engage in dirty text messaging with the confidence of not coming off ‘creepy’.   If you’re chatting online or messaging women in your dating rolodex, this Lesson will up your game more than a few notches!









TSL Bonus 2 – The Empowered Man

35min Lesson Breakdown

  •  Learn the Simple Foundation to All Great Men
  • Have Rock Solid Inner Game
  • Learn How the Exploration within Connects You to the World
  • Live with Confidence, Intention and Action 
  • Balance Your Entire Identity – Social Life, Sexual Life, Professional Life & Personal Ambition 

Only – $17

Your ability to have a good social and sexual life is dependent on you having an empowered identity. This is exactly what TSL’s Empowered Identity will do for you, it will empower you. If you value Authenticity, Integrity and Connection you need to be the best expression of yourself. Our end goal is always that you that needs to be shared with the world. You’re not an image, you’re not an icon, you’re a wealth of greatness that the world needs to know and see. When you’re empowered and proud of who you are expression is simple. This is the power of having an Empowered Identity.









TSL Bonus 3 – The 5 Daily Actions

25min Lesson Breakdown

  • The 5 Things that will Change Your Life
  • Balance Inner Conflicts
  • Gain Peace of Mind
  • Be Happier, Healthier and More Confident
  • Learn to Live with Respect and Integrity


Only – $17

One of the most embraced slogans in TSL is ‘If you’re not yourself, it is not success. And if you’re not happy it is not success.’ What is valued most in your dating and sexual life is how to be happy and be yourself. It is simply not worth it if you have a life full of results, but you’re not an expression of yourself and happy. This is what TSL’s action life builder is all about. A quick breakdown of the 5 things we try and do daily to keep our authenticity, maintain social and sexual health and progress in the right direction. Those 5 actions can be confusing to some, but in this lesson we break them down to a ‘T’. 1) Metidation, 2) Giving, 3)Be Social, 4) Be Sexual, 5) Be Grateful – Simple, yet powerful. When you do them, your life will change.









TSL Bonus 4 – The Evolved Man

Reclaiming Your Masculinity

25min Lesson Breakdown

  • Identify and Live by Your Core Values
  • How to Handle Life’s ‘Earthquakes’ (Bad Relationships, Job Changes, Big Moves)
  • The Core Tools to Building Yourself Up (Clean Slate)
  • The Decision Making Process for Change 
  • Building an Action Based Lifestyle 

Only – $17

Learning to be the Best Expression of Yourself Never Stops.  Sometimes Learning to be the man you were born to be comes late in life.  For many of us enter into Masculinity without a definition of what it means to be a man.  We build a life of responsibilities, marriage, kids, career and so on without really knowing who we are.  We feel stuck, we are not as strong as we once were, and it is too hard to ‘do it all again’.  This is not anyone’s fault, but it is our responsibility to change it.  This is what we discuss in the Evolved Man.  Our Culture wants ways to “fix” our problems without digging in at the root of it all.  At TSL we Dig, and as painful as that might be we also have the community of support to help us along.  In this Lesson we talk about how to reclaim your sense of masculinity from a bad relationship or major life set back.   Total refinement, absolute expression. This is what The Evolved Man is guiding you through.  For all men, this Philosophy is a Must!

The Sexual Life is not just a Social Dynamics company, but an overall way of life. Being the better man is our only goal. This means that the entire you, your physical, mental and total expression is in alignment. Your life and sexuality are in constant flux. Sex is such a defining part of humanity and life itself is shaped by it. Being the evolved man is about being direct, deliberate and am man of total integrity. This means your entire inner world and expression is independent of your outer world. You are a true man of foundation and influence. This lesson will sharpen you to the expression you never thought possible.