TSL Online – The Ultimate Program to Be a Better Man

Starts June 15, 2014 

Ends Oct 1, 2014 


The Ultimate Program To – 


-Be the Better Man

-Live the Best Expression of You   

-Be a Sexual Man


There is no other program that offers combination of superlative information and instruction with the highest level of service and personalization.   TSL Online is a course where we work directly with you, anywhere in the world to achieve male excellence.  Communication, Dating, Meeting Women, Seduction and Expression.  Our content is all based on Authenticity and Customizable to any lifestyle and experience level, while our direct and personal coaching will ensure your success.

If you put in the work we suggest, you will live a happy social life, a happy sexual life. Your complete lifestyle and quality of life will improve.  In 90 days you will be a transformed man.

Not only will you learn to Be a Sexual Man, but you will become a Great Man in the process!


Here’s a quick breakdown of this course –

Delivered to you Weekly Via Email –

  1. Weekly Video Breakdown
  2. Assignment PDF  
  3. Workbook
  4. WorkbookVideo Tutorial
  5. Weekly Notes & Comments
  6. 3-4 Times a Week Get Emailed a Quick Audio Lesson 


Week 1 – Identity & Be Social Assignments Begin

We first explore ourselves, so that we can communicate ourselves.  In TSL we believe Connection is the highest value.   It give fulfillment to our Social and Sexual life.   We look at ourselves deeply.  In addition to this we also look at our Be Social Assignments.  These are weekly assignments that are designed to get us active (at any level of social anxiety, or even advanced skill) and teach us a communication of Social & Sexual Health.


Week 2 – Anatomy of Attraction Part 1 – Theory and Sparks

In Week 2 we begin to learn the theory, map and application to take our Identity and connect it to the world.  We work in tandem with our Be Social Assignments to learn a new Social Intelligence that allows us to meet and connect with anyone in any situation.  You’re going to have to work at it, but you’re going to be learning tremendous tools of ‘How to Connect’ while just being you.


Week 3 – Anatomy of Attraction Part 2 – Aligning your Nature of Attraction

Every human being was made to be social and connect.  Every human being was made to make friends, attract lovers and find fulfillment in enriching relationships.  It is what you were born to do.  You will not only learn to do this through the Anatomy of Attraction Workbook’s Exercises, but also your Be Social Assignments.  Better yet, you will learn the theory behind it that will put you on the path of complete success.


Week 4 – The Mechanics of Attraction – Applying the Social Dynamics to Be the Better Man

Here we go…it doesn’t get any better than this.  Week 4 is a true progression of Identity, Theory and Application.  Learn how to Meet, Engage and Build a Connection with anyone, in any situation using TSL’s unique method of customization and attraction.  In this lesson you will learn the early footsteps in the direction of total improvement.


Week 5 – The TSL Daily Maintenance

TSL is the Social Dynamic to be the better man.  Here is where we are going to cultivate that man, and drive towards a fluid expression of urge, masculinity, ambition and focus.  We live in pride of who we are, Socially, Sexually and with our Entire Lifestyle.  In Week 5 we learn to take our Social Dynamic and find the mental clarity, inner peace and humanity to how we connect with the people in our lives.   This is one of the most intense experiences of Inner Game, you will enter.


Week 6 – Connection

TSL has 2 main Claims to Fame – Rapport & Seduction.  For nearly a decade TSL has been a philosophy of teaching that has been based on Authenticity, Emotional Connection all moving to Seduction.  In Week 6 we will be beginning a series of where we learn to make and cultivate conversations that connect to the deepest part of a person.  In 2-5 mins you will be able to speak and interact with the part of someone that makes their deepest life decisions.


Week 7 – Connection Continued – Rapport Cycling

Week 7 will prove to be one of the most powerful tools of communication that you will ever learn.  Rapport Cycling is a structured conversation that will hook you immediately with anybody in any situations.  Connect with woman’s sexuality, passions, deepest desires or connect with a fiend’s truest ambitions.  This is the simple form of conversation that will take you to interactions you thought were impossible.


Week 8 – Rapport Cycling Templates

TSL has a unique ability to create structure and templates so that you can customize and connect are second to none.  In this week we cover 5 different Rapport Cycling Templates to build connection through conversation.   Perhaps the best part about this lesson are the delivery examples covered in the training videos.


Week 9 – Storytelling

Every person on this planet has a story.  They have within them the greatest story never told.  In fact they have a few of them.  This week is jam packed full of video tutorials taking you through Storytelling’s structure that will make the art simple and easy, as well as Advanced Delivery, showing you a plethora of techniques and examples on how to make some of the deepest connections with people in everyday situations.


Week 10 – The Nature of Seduction

No matter what your experience is TSL will teach you the Nature of Seduction.  It is what we do best.  We allow men with no experience to get int ouch with their masculine urge, and men at the most advanced level become true masters of sexuality.  Seduction is the root of TSL.  Everything we teach steams from it.  In this week, the course takes on a new flavor of teaching.  Not only do we get more direct and personal, we start to bring everything together into one massive orchestration.  Identity to Attraction to Conversation fit under this fluid umbrella of Sexuality.


Week 11 – The Nature of Escalation Part 1

Seduction is only a theory without the process of Escalation.  For the next 2 weeks we will be covering some of the most intense, effective and down right effective sexual escalation technique unique only to TSL.  We will learn to not only be effective but be Sexually Healthy.  We will be proud of our sex, whether that is aggressive, passive or somewhere in between we will be true expressions of our sexual urge, emotion and self.


Week 12 – The Nature of Escalation Part 2

Hands down the most powerful lesson on sexual escalation ever delivered.  This week has one of the most intense documents, video series and presentation as well as assignments and exercises.   The end result is an empowered man ready to deliver the best sexual experience to the women in your life.


Bonus Week – Living the Sexual Life

We have learned how to be social, we have learned how to emote, we have learned how to seduce.  We are an expression of our selves.  Living the Sexual Life is about taking your experience in what you have learned and putting it into application.   Taking TSL’s Philosophy and expressing it through you to the world.   It is the total Empowerment of the Evolved Man!


TSL June 15, 2014 – Oct 1, 2014 – Call Times & Schedule

A massive part of TSL Online’s Full Service Program is call Attendance. There are about 16 Hours of Live Group Calls a Week. You don’t need to be on all of them. You need to be on 1 – 2 hours of them and interact with the group. If you can’t do that, you’re better off on the TSL Online – At Home Intensive Version.  Below is the schedule for the up coming TSL Program. Every week these calls will be held –


Call 1 – Content Call Americas & Europe  60-120 mins

Not Recorded

Call 1 and 2 are the same curriculum, however they are live so they can vary.  If there is one call a week you can attend it would be Call 1 or 2 depending on what your schedule allows.


  • USA – EST  12 Noon CST 11am   PST 9am Saturday
  • UK – 5pm Saturday
  • Europe – 6pm Saturday
  • Thailand – 11pm Saturday
  • Korea – 1am Sunday
  • Sydney – 2am Sunday


Call 2 – Content Call Pacific Rim 60 – 120 mins

Not Recorded

Call 1 and 2 are the same curriculum, however they are live so they can vary.  If there is one call a week you can attend it would be Call 1 or 2 depending on what your schedule allows.


  • USA – EST  9pm  CST 8pm  PST 6pm Saturday
  • UK – 2am Sunday
  • Europe – 3am Sunday
  • Thailand – 8am Sunday
  • Korea – 10am Sunday
  • Sydney – 11am Sunday


Call 3 – Open Forum Call (Anything Goes) All Day 5-15 hours

Not Recorded – To Encourage Openness and Privacy

All Day Forum for all TSL Alumni.  This call is for anything, guys talk about sex, life, diet, business, sales and so on.  It is an all day international men’s group that is very active for all 5 years or TSL’s Alumni.  The call is disorganized by nature, but extremely powerful!


  • USA – EST 1pm  CST  12pm (noon)  PST 10am Sunday
  • UK – 4pm Sunday
  • Europe – 5pm Sunday
  • Thailand – 10pm Sunday
  • Korea – Midnight Sunday/Monday
  • Sydney – 1am Monday

For the Pacific Rim Guys, this call goes for many many hours.  It may be still going when you wake up Monday Morning.


Call 4 – Workshopping Call  90 mins to 2 hours

The Workshopping Calls are very powerful.  We cover the weekly exercises and assignments that are given.  Anything from executing the techniques, situations, delivery to personally working the technique with you.  This call is the only recorded call for the benefit of the group.



  • USA – EST  9pm  CST 8pm  PST 6pm Wed
  • UK – 2am Thurs
  • Europe – 3am Thurs
  • Thailand – 8am Thurs
  • Korea – 10am Thurs
  • Sydney – 11am Thurs


You will live the Sexual Life


You will be happier and more focused


You will live healthier


You will be the man you were meant to be


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