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The Result – The Promise

  • You will Live a More Sexual Life
  • You will Live a More Social Life
  • You will Be Happier
  • You will be Healthier
  • We will Deliver:


There is no other program that offers the direct service and intimate coaching that we offer. If you put in the work we suggest you will live a happy social life, a happy sexual life and live a great lifestyle. In 90 days you will have a dramatic change in all these aspects of your life.

TSL Online is the only program that teaches –

100% Interactive

100% Customizable

Gets entire Lifestyle Resutls

Not only will you learn to Be a Sexual Man, but you will become a Great Man in the process!


The Resistance – The Problem

There are 3 things that keep the average man from being a man of excellence:

  • The Misinformation
  • The Culture
  • The Self

I years of teaching and witnessing the high hopes, dreams and aspirations of men seeking help in the Seduction and Self-help industry there are 3 distinct forms of resistance that keep that man from achieving his goals of personal excellence. He is confronted with mountains of misinformation that are to make him better with women, happier, healthier and live a better sex life; a culture that misrepresents change, seduction and purpose; a mindset of his own beliefs that conflict with him breaking through to being the man he was meant to be.

The problem with these 3 forms of resistance is that often times a man will leave the Seduction and Self-help industry more confused, frustrated and lost than he began. His ability will be worse, his beliefs polluted and self-worth at an all time low.

This is the direct opposite from the Sexual Life

The Path – The Solution

Like all paths the path of The Sexual Life is one of direct and complete fluidity. The end of this path is an absolute – You will be happier, healthier and you will enjoy the lifestyle rich with women adventure and it will be 100% you.

This is what TSL Online is, it is the Path, the clear and open road for you to walk on, learn from and adapt and apply to your life. This is not like any other path out there, it is impossible for it to fail. It’s results are dependent on the process, anyone who is a part of it changes, lives a better life and becomes the definition of a sexual man. There are many differences however 3 of the main differences that make it work and you will not find anywhere else are –

The Customized Approach

TSL Online is 100% customized and interactive. You work directly with Steve Mayeda. As described by many as the talents instructor of social and sexual dynamics in the world. Steve is also the only instructor in the field that takes a custom approach, meaning every single move along your path will be designed you him and yourself. There is no other program that offers that level of interaction and customization.

Seduction and Lifestyle are human processes that when defined by a technique will fall short of performance and fulfillment. To be a man that is the best lover, has the ability to meet, seduce and intrigue women, let alone be considered a leader to his peers he must incorporate principles of social dynamics and sexual dynamics into his lifestyle.

The Authenticity

TSL Online is the only program teaching true authenticity. When you’re Authentic all of life’s adventure will be effortless. You will be living life being the best expression of yourself. When a woman falls asleep on your chest knowing she has been absolutely satisfied it will be because of you being you. When a friend in need looks you in the eye giving you his absolute trust and allegiance it will be because of the expression of your character. The Path of TSL Online is one where you will never be a man faking it. You will be you, you will be a man respected, and a man that simply can live his life and feel the true benefits of being him. All of the other systems of learning What makes TSL Online distinguished is its approach to being dependent on you. The structure of its learning, systems and methods are adaptable to any person or lifestyle. This allows you to be a complete authentic expression of yourself. Other programs are dependent upon you following someone else’s path, model or stepping away from who you are, TSL Online is the transformation that only needs you and will change the way you live.

The Sexual

TSL Online is about sex. Sex is one of the highest and most unique forms of communication, and you will speak that language after the end of 3 months. This means if your goals are to have better sex, be the best lover a woman has experienced, have multiple relationships, have the most exciting sexual adventures of your life or simply just get laid, TSL Online teaches you exactly that. In fact it is dependent on sex and sexuality. We focus on the entire man to be the best sexual expression of yourself. Whatever you can imagine but never thought possible for you with women and sex will stop becoming a fantasy, TSL Online will begin to make it your reality.

90 Days

Why 90 days?

After years of teaching, seeing what worked and didn’t work we saw that taking small but aggressive and calculated steps got the best results as well as built complete lifestyles. It not only allowed time to build massive amounts of change but it also helped develop a mentality to apply and live the lifestyle of that techniques. Through many years of teaching we found a sweet spot – 90 day was what it took to efficiently and effectively have any many reach total change and transformation.

  • Personal Coaching Calls – Over 5 hours a week, live and interactive coaching. A
  • 6 Workbooks – Over 200pages of breakthrough material
  • 12 Assignment and Expectation PDF – Your personal roadmap for change
  • Videos and Tutorials – Hours of content breaking everything down
  • Infield Resources – Actual infield examples the material going from meet to close, in many challenging environments.
  • Forum – theREDnetwork.net and endless hidden and private gem of content to change your life.
  • Unity – TSL Online is 100% interactive, you’re not going to sit on the sidelines. You will build a movement of camaraderie and unity towards the goal of living the best life.


Coaching Calls

All calls are recorded, you will have access to all the calls on the course.

  • 5 hours of personalized coaching calls every week
  • You work and interact directly with Steve Mayeda on every call for every hour
  • Lesson breakdowns, customized breakdowns and routines made directly for you
  • Special Guests on Lifestyle, Fitness and Sex


6 Workbooks Social, Sexual and Lifestyle Transformation

  • Workbook 1: Identity
    • Using advanced journaling concepts, this ebook lets you discover what you need to know about yourself and using that knowledge as fuel for your conversations with others. It will be what you learn about yourself here that will make you a
  • Workbook 2: Anatomy of Attraction (Over 100 Pages)
    • Attraction is simply gaining interest and attention. Here you are taught how to get others interested in your identity. You will learn tools like opening, baiting, and teasing in order to have people invested in the kinds of conversation you want to be having.
  • Workbook 3: Rapport Cycling – Make the Instant Connection
    • Rapport Cycling is one the most influential forms of communication that will allow you to talk to anyone about anything. By having a conversation with the tools outlined here, you will be able to go deep, to elicit things she has never spoken about and sometimes not even considered.
  • Workbook 4: Storytelling
    • The guys who are the best with women, who are the most charismatic, are nearly always the best storytellers. In this book, you will learn the structure of storytelling: when to say what happened, how to share your perspective on the story, how to leverage your stories as opportunities for her to open up, and more.
  • Workbook 5: The Nature of Seduction
    • To be sexual means to be exchanging intimately with another person. Here you will learn exactly what it means to be the best sexual person, to understand completely how a woman feels about sex and what turns her on about sexuality. With these insights and knowledge, you will stand out as a man who knows about sexuality from all angles, and who can elegantly lead a women through every step of seduction.
  • Workbook 6: The Nature of Escalation Parts 1 and 2
    • Using emotion, psychology, and physicality, Six Point Escalation teaches you an absolute roadmap towards sex. Here, exact steps to take are outlined from the moment a deep conversation occurs up to the point of having sex.
    • TSL is the only course and program showing you a concrete path to sexual escalation.


Videos and Tutorials

  • Access to over a dozen hours of high quality videos
  • Break down step by step of how to stand and interact and communicate with a women. What to say and what to bring up.
  • Escalation defined and mapped out, where to place your hands, how to position your body, where to look at her body
  • In-field video and audio demonstrations of how to meet, interact, and communicate with women


access to theREDnetwork.net

  • the most progressive and active forum that is on FIRE in terms of content and growth
  • a dynamic network of men from all over the world and in dozens of industries who provide even further growth, mentorship, and learning opportunities


The Curriculum


Week 1

  • Part 1 – Identity: This is your road map to Living the Sexual Life. This is the root of your entire social and sexual dynamic as well as lifestyle. If you can imagine a life where you can literally just show up in a diversity of situations and just be yourself and attract the women you want. This can and will be your reality once you start with who you are and how you can assert that.
  • Part 2 – The System: A breakthrough program needs an entirely new path! Our system of learning has a completely different process. We want a way to communicate who we are socially and sexually that creates a feedback loop to live your best lifestyle. There is a different approach to this. This is where we also get into action with our first set of challenges!


Week 2

  • Part 1 – The Social Dynamic: In order to attract the best people you need to attract them. In the social dynamic we are going to go over how to be a magnetic person through the filter of you. We will be taking your identity and turning it into its best possible presentation. How to immediately connect and interact with the people you first meet.
  • Part 2 – Creating Conversations: Know the right things to say in the right situations to build the most intense connections. If we are gong to be ourselves and connecting, we need to know how to do that. Learn the three conversational starters to get you on the road to unique, intense, emotional and sexual connections.


Week 3

  • Part 1 – The Emotional Dynamic: Lovers, friendships, and intimate encounters are all intensified with how we connect emotionally. Here we are going to learn the points on the map of the emotional experience. Every seduction is an emotional process, once it is seen that way it is easy to walk on that path.
  • Part 2 – Qualification and Rapport: The ultimate form of communication. You will connect within 2-5 minutes with anybody and will be able to adapt it in any situation. This is the bedrock of authentic seduction and communication.


Week 4

  • Part 1 – The Mind and Seduction: If we can authentically seduce with our minds then we have the 80% of the work already done. The mind is the largest sex organ. We will learn how to use who you are and create sexual connections with the very women in front of you.


Week 5

  • Part 1 – The Body and Seduction: The physical connection is one of the absolutes of humanity. When you can physically stimulate someone properly there is absolutely no other reaction they can have other than being turned on. This is exactly what you will learn.
  • Part 2 – Escalation: Escalation is a map, it is a road that one can simply walk on. When you learn the two components to 6 Point Escalation and The Emotional Progression Model you will be able to take full advantage of all your situations ending up in the best sex of your life.


Week 6

  • Part 1 – The Seductive Lifestyle: This is our examination of what types of women, friends, and acquaintances we are attracting. What situations are we creating? What are we doing to build momentum to live our Sexual Life?


Week 7

  • Part 1 – Authentic Life Inventory: A skillset that doesn’t reflect who you are becomes a useless tool. Now that we are getting more in touch with our skills of getting Social and Sexual we are need to revisit who we are. Our Experiences need to feedback into who we are empowering our life and where we are going with our life.


Week 8

  • Part 1- Dating: There are many ways to date. If you’re trying to meet the woman of your dreams or just want to explore as many women as possible there are absolute systems and structures to creating the best dating life. By the end of this week you will be on the path to no longer worry about what a date is or what it might bring. You will have the road map so your interactions with women are an expression of yourself and your desires.
  • Part 2 – Relationships: The key to a healthy social and Sexual Life is having the relationships that you are capable of having. Everyone might want larger than life relationships, but who can handle them? What do you need to do in order to turn your life into an engine of the ideal relationships for you?


Week 9

  • Part 1 – Masculine Definitions: When we can start getting Sexual and getting Social we can see a different world in front of us. We can start seeing what is masculine and what is feminine. However the real seduction begins when you can find the similarities. This is where the Myth of Masculine and Feminine comes into play.


Week 10

  • Part 1 – Pleasing a Woman: In our society we often see this as being submissive or lacking in dominance. However the baseline for all male female communication lies in this simple fact. This is true whether we look at this as a physiologic phenomenon or a psychological one. Whatever your sexual goals are, when you please a woman she can then please you. The window to your absolute masculinity lies within your ability to execute this.


Week 11

  • Part 1: Advanced Arousal: These are the techniques that will allow you to arouse a woman in a matter of seconds when the perfect opportunity shows itself. How not only what you say, what you do, how you look at her but how you lead her physically and emotionally will get her completely worked up. When talking to any advanced seducer they tell me they know whether or not they will sleep with a girl within the first 30 seconds of meeting them. You will have this same insight and finesse.


Week 12

  • Part 1 – The Challenge of the Sexual Life: Here we are going determine our goals to our ultimate lifestyle. In 3 months we will have broken the ice that has kept us stagnant for all those years, but now we need to set our roots into a life and sexuality that will continue to grow. This will be our final inventory of the course, bringing us to the roadmap ahead.


Sept 20, 2013 – Jan 1, 2014

This is a proclamation and a challenge to any belief you saying you can’t be the man you were meant to be. This course and these 90 days are an absolute challenge for you to live the life you were meant to live.

  • You will Change
  • You will live the Sexual Life
  • You will be happier and more focused
  • You will live healthier
  • You will be the man you were meant to be


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