One of the things I hate about New Years Resolutions is people don’t do them.  We make goals and plans to better our lives that have nothing to do with us and more to do with an image or an insecurity.  Our ambitions and goals have become something that is determined by what is ‘cool’, what sounds ‘cool’ and what will give us meaning and status.

When it comes down to the true meaning of who we are, we need to do very little. But one thing is for certain we need to stop making life about other people’s ambitions, about what the culture tells us will make us happy and instead find what is within, and learn to show, express and interact with he world around us.

At TSL we look at what we are born to live as and how we are born to live.  The Sexual Life is one of fluidity and expression.   What gives true value to our expression is choice and expression.   On New Years as a culture we make a choice on how to live and what/how we are going to change.  Yet we treat this choice like a novelty and not like someone who truly values the power within them.

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Choice is one of the most valuable things we have in life.  The ability to choose who we are, our place in the world and our interaction is what gives us our identity and meaning.  Unfortunately we spend most of our time not choosing but thinking about what has happened to us.  We are so distanced from who we are and what we are born to be that we forget what it means to choose.  We forget that choice gives us the value to everything.

Choice is what makes your friendships connect, your love making feel good and your ambition be fulfilled.  We forget that when we can be a true representation of ourselves and at the same time elicit the true representation of themselves only that connect feels good.  If we simply go for what seems like pleasure we are having pleasure with superficiality.

When we learn to be a man of choice, we learn to be a man that have learned the discipline of following through with what he believes in.  Someone who have progressed past their resistance and learned to be who they are.

If you want to be someone that has chosen

If you want to be someone who in an expression of you

If you want to know fulfillment rather than starvation you need to learn the power and meaning of your choice.

New Years isn’t about pick ing a goal.  New Years is just another day.   But if you’re making a choice, make the commitment to learn to live that way.

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