3 *More* Ways to Please a Woman

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Let’s face it, every living human being out there is trying to have the best Sexual Life possible…

So how come nobody is talking about it?

How come nobody wants to talk about living the BEST possible Sex Life?


I am sure you’re either…

–       Having great sex but who doesn’t want better sex

–       Having sex and it isn’t so great

–       Wishing you were having more sex


There is no reason why people’s sex lives shouldn’t be the best it can possibly be.

We should be spending our time –

With the people we want to be with

Doing the things we are passionate about


Moving our lives in the best possible direction


If you’re not living your best possible life –

The Sexual Life….WHY NOT?

Here’s a start…

3 Ways to Please a Woman (And believe me there will be more).  Part of the best possible sex life is knowing how to please your partner.  If you’re rocking their world then they will be rocking your world.   This is a little step moving that direction.  The key to make massive change is to make small changes and move in the right direction.

Check these out,

Try them out

and Let me know what you think!


3 (More) Ways to Please a Woman


1 – Every Woman is Different –


What all men need to know is each woman is unique.  Her sexuality has its own voice and it needs to be heard.  Of course there might be some consistencies between for all women, but we need to learn to explore every women’s sexuality we interact with.


What made one woman shout your name saying ‘you own this pussy’, might make another go completely cold.


It doesn’t matter what you want from your sexual interactions, treating each sexual experience uniquely will always result in better sex.


Let’s take 2 polarizing scenarios


1 – Picking up a girl at a bar

2 – Long-term relationship


Pick up a girl at a bar


If you’re someone who wants to have a sexually explorative life and you haven’t done this do it!   I would say that this being your only sexual outlet is probably not the best choice, but to be against ever experiencing it means you should seriously think about turning in your testicles.

You approach a woman, both of you have had a few drinks.  She is at a point where she is looking to feel a little bit of sexual validation and so are you.

You get sexual

You build a connection,

She let’s her friends know ‘its cool’

You end up in her car

She ends up at your place

and you’re in the bedroom…


Every girl is different and every situation is different.  You have an opportunity for so many things here but here are the 2 main ones.


The Women – First off the more you interact with her, kiss her, see how she handles your dick, how she reacts to you touching her pussy and so on, can tell you a lot about how you should have sex with her.


The Situation – You just picked up a chick at a bar.  Fuck her how she wants to be fucked.  She probably doesn’t care too much about seeing you again and wants the fantasy to be fulfilled of being fucked so she stays fucked!  I mean you gotta man up, and give her pussy and sexuality the experience it deserves.

The better you can do that, the better your dick is going to get what it deserves.



Long-term relationship


When you’re in a relationship it is easy to keep up a badass sex life for the first 3-4 months, but then the bliss can wear off.   The spontaneity loses its touch.  The same urges and desires that got you two off before might not have the same arousal as they once did.


The answer is it always goes back to looking deeper within that person.

You need to be having sex with a different part of that woman and she needs to be having sex with a different part of you.

You need to explore her sexuality through her emotions, sense of self, fantasy or deeper things within her.  However, that all being said, it still needs to comedown to sex as its simplest form…it still needs to be sex.

For instance I might be having a relationship with someone, and we once connected in the most carnal of ways.  We would fuck the shit out each other day and night.   However 6 months later our relationship has reached a different mode.   Things change.

We lose our passion for sex in those ways.  We both want to be sexual, but it is slightly muted.   I need to start having sex with different parts of me and well as different and deeper parts of her.  I can’t just be fucking her pussy, I need to be fucking her emotions, passions, drive, confidence, fears and insecurities.   And in the long run, after all of that it is still sex.

This is where I always think it is weird when people start branding a certain type of sex.  Sex is sex, it can be tantric, meditative, dominant or whatever you want to call it, but it is always sex…and none is really superior to the next.  If you’re connecting and exchanging, its all good.


For a woman’s sexuality to be truly exchanged with you, you need to discover and cultivate it.



– 2 Foreplay –


Foreplay always gets a bad rap…

And why is this?

What is it about turning a woman on that makes us feel good as men?  Well part of it is that our definition of masculinity is dependent on this just as a woman’s femininity is also based on the type of masculinity she attracts.


This is where one of the divides between women’s sexuality and men’s sexuality begins.   Foreplay is what is necessary to bridge that gap.


Let’s face it – if you want to truly drive a woman wild and redefine her pussy you need to build her up to that.   And it really depends on the type of sex you want to have as a man…if you just selfishly want to get off…then do it.  Just don’t expect much in return.



When men get turned on, they want to have sex.  It is pretty simple.   And let’s be honest, as much as women might dislike this, they also like this drive as well.

And on the flip side of that coin one could say the same about women.


When women get turned on I can assure you they too have those same urges, fantasies and desires however it goes through a different filter.   And just as much as men hate this, are confused by this and frustrated by this, they also love it.

Seduction is a woman’s game.

I mean if it were up to us as men making the rules we would just be going around cavemanning women into bed.  But in reality we try and learn all this stuff to speak a woman’s language.   Foreplay is a part of that.

Don’t get me wrong there is a breaking point, and it can get ridiculous if women were to outline this completely.   Women need men to push and men need women to pace the interaction and carefully lure us in.


To truly experience the best sex we need to have that seduction build.  Sex is neither a high nor low, there is no extreme that sustains a definition.   It can be rough, aggressive or reach whatever craziness you can imagine, but its true nature is more of a constant and this needs some foreplay to be achieved.



– 3 Listen to her –


Sex is its own language, and the more you have of it, the more you will understand that language.


Listening to a woman is an art in itself.

It is not just hearing what she says, but it is listening to her body discovering what feels good and what doesn’t.

When you really start to understand female orgasm you come to learn that the process of that orgasm is dependent on how you ‘listen’ to her.


Sex is simple action that can be done in endless amounts of ways.  The different ways we have sex makes each of our sexual experiences unique.   What makes that experience so amazing is its individuality.


When a woman can make your dick feel like the best thing in the world it is more than just a good day, and the same goes for you making a woman’s pussy feel like it’s the best thing.

Women sadly don’t have those experiences with me who are interacting with that unique experience.  Their sexuality, vaginas and femininity are then defined by those less than average experiences.


This is why a sexual revolution needs to take place.

This is why living the Sexual Life is so important, people need to be feeling like their best sexual selves.


A year or so ago I was driving around with Jason Savage working on his car…

We were talking about the awesome interaction of sex and sexuality.  I told him,


“My favorite things is when I am having sex with a woman and when she moans I know that it is not her making that noise, it is me traveling through her and coming out her mouth.  Her moans are an expression of me.”


I remember him nearly jumping out of the seat of my car saying,

“Yeah, yeah that’s the fucking problem with these pick up guys, they don’t even like sex.  They like some other shit, I don’t’ even understand.”



The Sexual Life is a philosophy and a way to live  

When you learn to

Express yourself

Explore yourself

Accept yourself

Then you can Love yourself.


We all live in too much fear towards putting our real selves out there.


All this being said…


The reason why we made this video is because everybody should be Having the best sex they can possibly have.


More people are having bad sex than good sex.

Rather than having the experience of sex people are having the act of sex.   We have taken an awesome act of connection and turning it into a meaningless transaction.


We gotta change this…

Women should be pleased and men should have the sexual capacity and capability to completely rock a woman’s world.

If you’re a man, and you don’t know what it is like to sexually fulfill a woman then you should start with this video.

If you’re a woman and you’re having bad sexual experiences with men you need to be meeting better men…believe me I am working for you, trying to cultivate more sexual men out there!


Be Social,

Be Sexual


Be Yourself,


Steve Mayeda