4 Points of Transformation

  • Self-Expression

  • Self-Exploration

  • Self-Acceptance

  • Self-Love


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4 Points of Transformation

One of the problems of people’s transformation within the Seduction Industry is that it is a transformation based on wants; those wants are based on those people’s pain and loneliness.

There is nothing wrong with being lonely or wanting and desiring, however you have got to realize there is more beyond that.

Most advice or structures of self-improvement (seduction included) only alleviates the wants, fears and desires.

If you fulfill only the wants, then you’re going to be hungry really quick.


When working with guys I demand that they go through the total process of transformation.

Self-Expression, Self-Exploration, Self-Acceptance and Self-Love.


Most of what is taught in the Seduction Industry has to do with Expression, but it is not even Self-Expression.  It is someone or something else’s expression.


Seduction is an intense interaction with another person.


Self-Expression –


It is going to access deep parts of you.   The people that are most afraid communicating with themselves are the ones who get the most angry and frustrated through personal development.


Part of the problem is that is they’re not engaging themselves.

You want all of your actions to completely transform your life.  One small action in your life should feed the greater whole.


This is where what we teach in TSL Online is so different –

We are not simply learning to Express, we are Expressing our selves.

Self Expression means you are interacting in every moment.


Self-Expression is not how you approach, or direct, indirect or if you’re good at connecting to someone.  Those are all parts of Self-Expression, but Self-expression is how you put yourself out in the world.  Do you do it in the right ways.


Self-Exploration –


When we express ourselves we get experience and feedback.

This is where we Explore.

Sex influences us at our core.  If we are truly being sexual, it is impossible for use to be inauthentic.


We are gong to feel deeper connections with freedom, love, happiness and our sense of self.

On the flip side we will also feel fear, insecurity, depression and anxiety.

Seduction is the window to our true selves.  It will bring to the surface what needs to change and what needs to be nurtured and fed.


TSL Online means truly cultivating those things.

We will become the best Expression of ourselves through Exploring ourselves.


Self-Acceptance –


True freedom comes through acceptance.  Whether that is a situation or a conflict, we are going to find the best answers in acceptance.

Self-acceptance is the ultimate tool for us because it allows us to see without judgment who we are.

If there are things we want to keep we can clearly see them, without distortion of our ego.

If there are things we need to change we accept them, welcome them and let them pass.


As beneficial as Self-acceptance is, it is what we fear most.   This is where people run from the challenge of truly looking at themselves.  However if you can Express who you are and then Explore the experiences you have you are only going to see you.  When you can Accept that you will know true freedom and the relationships you have will be with you and not the false self images you might have.


Self-Love –


Nobody says it better… “I don’t care what your skill level is, how many lays you can get or whatever, if you’re not living a life where you love it is all a waste of time.”


This is what my buddy Eric VonSydow (Hypnotica) said on a conference call with my mastermind group.

Every action we take with people needs to be something that feeds the best parts of us.  We cannot control our experiences and our outcomes but we can control who we interact with and how we interact.  This is our Self-expression.

We can interpret our feedback and Explore ourselves.

When we really get to know ourselves we achieve a level of acceptance, when we can interact with others in the freedom of our acceptance it is an act of Self-love.

If every action we have can feedback into who we are allowing us to grow than we are living the Sexual Life.


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