This is actually a Video I really liked making.

Lot’s too it.  Chris and I really tired to give you some good content as well as showing you what it is like to be in on one of our workshops.

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If you want to get this down…

Like live a normal life and be able to walk into a Restaurant, Club, Strip Club…whatever, see a hot girl and know what to do then all I gotta say is you gotta take this course.


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Everyone is always talking about dating hot women…

and yet no one has a legit course on Dating Hired Guns and Strippers.  Those girls are ‘Hot’ by default.

In fact Strippers, Waitresses and Bartenders are way easier to Meet, Attract and Seduce than your average club chick.

Everyone just went about it wrong, when it came to Strippers and Waitresses

Basically if you want to –

*Pick Up Strippers

*Date Strippers

*Meet Attract and Seduce Bartenders and Waitresses

*Have a Social Circle of hot Waitresses, Bartenders, and Strippers

*Have 1 night to visit a town and have the tools to take a girl home

*Build a nation wide social network of Strippers and Waitresses to keep you company when you’re in town

*Just want to know what to do when you enter a strip club

*Start Dating Waitresses and Bartenders at the best clubs (free drinks)

*Be the host of that Strip Club After Party

Then this will easily be the best $397 you’ve spent…it would be the best $2500 you spent, but the price is nowhere near that.


Here are the Details of the Seminar –

Who – Steve Mayeda and Chris Pacheco teach YOU!
What – Seminar on Strippers and Hired Guns
Where – Austin Texas
When – Friday June 18th 2pm – 7pm & Sat 19th from 2pm – 7pm

(sorry no infield, but we’re done at 7pm so you sure can go try out your new skills)


Here’s the Details of what you can expect

Day 1 (5 hours – 2pm-7pm)

*Mechanics of a Venue – This is a breakdown for a Strip Club as well as any other Club. You will learn how to make that Venue work for you, rather than you work for it.

*How to get People in the Venue on your side
The Bouncers
The Managers
The Bartenders
The Waitresses
The Dancers (if you’re in a Strip Club)

*Roll Playing Exercises for Waitresses and Strippers
(Although we will not be going out with you infield, we are sure you will be trying some of the stuff out. For the last hour of day 1 we will be drilling what you need to be doing to Strippers or if you go to a normal club the Waitresses and Bartenders.

Day 2 (5 hours – 2pm-7pm)

*How to not be a Customer – The 3 things you need to get down to not be a customer at a Strip Club

*What to say – Our Story Telling Structure to build the right kind of Attraction
There are specific things that will help Attract a Stripper or Hired Gun and there are definitely things you shouldn’t say. We will go over exactly that.

*Stripper Panel – For the last 90mins of our seminar we are going to be inviting a panel of Strippers and open up the doors for a Q and A discussion. This is so important because the more you can understand the mentality of these girls the easier this ‘game’ will become.

Now who else has anything close to this…you will get to Q and A actual Strippers

If you’re interested sign up is easy –
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