One of the biggest questions of all time is ‘How do I open?’

My answer is always…


The fact of the matter is that there is no fool proof way to do anything.  All rules can always be broken.

This is why I focus completely on Customizing Everything I do for Every Student.

If someone did have a fool proof way of opening – that always worked – it would give a huge sense of relief to pretty much everyone out there, including you reading this.   Aside from that, whoever came up with that idea would make a lot of money…

So what really works?

What is going to get you the best results that you can comfortably and confidently approach any girl you feel attracted to and start off the right conversation?

To have all of this make sense I will tell you a quick little story.

About 3 years ago I started hanging out with some really great PUAs.  I mean they were the best of the best.

I had started to get results but every time I hung out with them I was completely humbled by their abilities.

In fact there was a time when I went out with Sinn and CJ for 8 days in a row.   I got laid 4 times.   But 7 out of 8 of those nights CJ pulled a girl back to his place and rewrote my beliefs in terms of what was possible.

Pretty much immediately after that I listened to everything CJ said.

He gave some of the best advice that has ever existed, he said he kept things consistent and he said he kept a ‘Routine Stack’.

The funny things is that I listened almost too good to what he said cause 2 months later Sinn, CJ and myself challenged each other to a Lay Competition and I won it.

How I did that and continued to grow more and more effective with the people that I met was due to a few things…


I took CJ’s advice with being consistent, and creating a ‘Routine Stack’, but not only that I redefined the meaning and concept of the ‘Routine Stack’.   I began my own journey with theREDstack, using the story of my life while mixing in some principals of Social Dynamics and Seduction and realized it worked better.


I started communicating with not only what I say, but also my Subcommunications, so instead of only talking to someone I was creating feelings within them through How I was communicating.  Opening is more about How you communicate than What you communicate…


I saw how logistics were a huge factor.  So when I first started in this game I wanted to get laid.  I needed to pick my opening situations to be the most favorable for that.  Pick people that are reactive and will take on a challenge, they are the easiest to sexually challenge and then prove themselves.  However this did not remain my goal.   I later came to the conclusion that I wanted to have a life that wasn’t designed around clubs.  I like to travel, I like women and I like talking to people, so I basically learned to change my logistics around that.  Find women that had more of that worldly adventurous edge and do the things I love.   I believe that if I were to take part in one of those challenges for lays again, all I would have a few ways to win it.

1) Staying in town – I would go to Lunch or Dinner with a friend once a day and game the Waitress or Bartender, get a date, add on about 4 hours and I would have a close.   Then I would go to a Strip Club and meet a new Stripper a day set up Day 2s and rack up some closes that way too.

2) Travel – I would simple backpack somewhere and stay at hostels in whatever party cities.   From there you pretty much meet a ton of female travelers who own the stereotype of being some of the most sexually independent women out there.

If you’re doing the things that you love then things become a lot easier to just be yourself.

Those are all logistical choices in how I meet the women I like while doing the things I like.  Getting laid should be a side effect of your life, not the definition of it.


As soon as I opened I made it my first priority to make them feel comfortable.  I didn’t bombard the people with stimuli, I bombarded them with things that made them feel relaxed.  This is an act of Compliance.  Compliance basically means that you start and Stop something.   Most people equate it to a simple action like a twirl or some chore.  You can do that, but if you are only doing that you’re wasting time.  Gain compliance over emotion or decisions they make and you’ll get much further.  Getting someone to open up to you and making them feel relaxed is gaining some emotional compliance right off the opener.


I learned to show intent very quickly in my openers.   This might sound weird, but you can do it.  Now I am a pretty animated and social guy so I would still use indirect openers, but I would give them a meaning that would show immediate intent.

An Example –

“Hey can I ask you something? (as soon as they react I push them away)

“You know what you totally got freaked out there, you’re probably the wrong person to ask this too…” (they always play back to that little bit of bait)

“You know girls that are that quick to judge, like you are always the ones that have the most messed up minds…but that can be hot to the right person…”

(This communicates a few things.  1) She will push back on the quick to judge, her immediate urge will be to say that she doesn’t judge or is open minded.  2) When you then say they have messed up minds it will make her feel good that is not her, but bad that you think it is her.  3) When you say it is ‘hot’, or ‘attractive’ it will start a reaction that will give her an open pathway to walk on.   If she bites on that then she is walking along the path to feeling comfortable.   If not then that is fine, continue…)

“I am sorry I didn’t mean to put you off at all, my name is (name)…you do seem like you’re someone who is really crazy about some certain things to be honest.”


There are a few things I could use your help with.

1 – I want to start the Production for the next Video Series.  I still have a few more of the Body Language ones, but I want to Do them on the Basics.

So what would you like to know about Opening, Transitioning,  Storytelling, and so on.

2 – I am starting a Mastermind Program.  It is a 12 week program that will include, Phone, Video, Audio and Written Teaching.  It will be like all my stuff, designed and customized towards you.   I have gathered a bunch of info from my Students that I have been working with.   I consistently get results with guys that are unmatched by any other Instructor.   I am going to do a major launch for this Program in March 2010.

However I am looking for 10 guys to test what I have already got.

To the first 10 Tester Guys I am going to offer what looks like a 50% discount on the 12 Week Course that should start in mid Dec.

So what I gotta have you do is shoot me an email – if you got some Video Feedback for me or you want to be one of the guys getting the 50% off for Testing out my 12 Week Mastermind Course.

And if anything, make sure you’re on my email list if you aren’t cause from that list alone you will get all sorts of great information on meeting women and living the life you want to live.