So guys this is a new thing my old student Negatron and I came up with.
Actually a bunch of people put in their 2 cents on this one.

So in this month I am going to be mixing Blog Posts with my List all on Seduction.
I have some really awesome Audio that is being mailed out to my list RIGHT NOW!.

But every Thurs for the Month of June I am going to be mailing this stuff out to my LIST.  So GET ON THE LIST!

Also there are some great updates to come up.
In May I Spoke in Chicago and did a few workshops there as well as did a 3 HOUR talk for the Casanova Crew in LA.
Both talks are hosted online and I will shortly list them.

This whole Summer I am going to be working out of Austin, with some stops in Chicago and Orlando.

In Orlando I will be speaking at the Under21Convention and in Chicago I will be recording with Music Great and Idol of mine Steve Albini.

Other than that I will start posting online just what exactly is going on in Austin.
You will love these pics, and if you’re a part of theREDmole Alumni you can be a part of it all.
In any case, here is what is going on with the Seduction Series that is coming out to you guys.

After an interesting (to say the least) weekend in Chicago and I got some new insights to teaching. All these guys were Alumni students and so we got to work on some of the things that we normally don’t cover right away.

The main one is SEDUCTION.
It was an interesting mix cause the people that I was working with were of all ages and types…

The first of the guys is a 62 year old man, this guy is very different. He has a girlfriend, considerably younger than him, but had a goal more based on empowerment of self.

Another guy was in his late 30s and he has had over 100 lays, but wanted to learn how to raise the quality of his relationships.

The 3erd guy was in his early 30s and he solely wanted to work on hired guns.

The last guy was a 22 year old college student. He wanted to learn a healthy way to progress sexually.

The weekend was great, and each guy progressed in their VERY diverse goals. I wish I could go into detail about each of them but seriously, that is a FULL Plate of guys and that is also a Tall Order of what they wanted to learn.

What the weekend turned to was eventually a discussion on sex. And this broke down a ton of barriers. I mean it was GREAT!
And it was something that the Community Does not talk about AT ALL!
To this day I have heard no one really talk about Sex and being comfortable and healthy about it.

I wanted to share with you guys some of the stuff that a couple of my friends talked about just a few days prior to my Chicago Trip.

Hopefully this will shed some light on what has been left outside of the community.

Talk soon,