A few Shout Outs to somethings I have seen this week –

#1 – Anthony Johnson –

This guy you may know from The21Convention, but I have gotten 3 calls from guys in the past 2 weeks telling me about how his workout program has made guys lose weight and get in shape.  First thing I gotta say is that I do a different workout program, and the 3 guys that have talked to me have lost way more weight and are in better shape than me.

Anthony is a great guy though.  He is one of the few people that I talk to when I want to know my head is on straight.  I got a lot of respect for him.  I may not agree with him on specific topics, however he is a guy that I look up to.  There are very few of those.

Also you should really sign up for the21convention next year cause it is literally the best convention.  I am Speaking at Both the Orlando Convention and the Euro Convention.

If you want to know more about him you can check out his Blogs – (also contact him via the Blogs he actually answers his emails – Fitness and PUA Questions)




I have so much Video I have shot in the past few months it is too much to edit.  When I was in Orlando I gave Anthony a lot of it.  These 2 vids are of me, Jason Savage, and DJ Fuji.  If you don’t read their blogs you’re selling yourself Short!

Good LMR Video – You get me talking about what I always talk about, you get Jason Savage (who is one of the few people I respect in terms of Breaking Down Seduction) and you got DJ Fuji (the BEST Technical teacher out there)

Although you see DJ Fuji, Savage and Myself in these Vids, Anthony and the Dream Team made this all happen.  He edited them, we were all there in Orlando for his convention and He put them on YouTube.  So when you’re Subscribing to my YouTube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/theredmolecom) Subscribe to his, especially cause he has WAY more Vids http://www.youtube.com/user/Under21convention07

Video 1 – LMR

Video 2 – High Energy – Low Energy

Video 3 – Relationships Vs Lays


#2 Henry Champaign (Marketing and PHP Genius)

So I have had this new Blog for less than a Year and I am grateful to have it. But a ton of guys had told me it was hard to navigate and a whole bunch of stuff didn’t work. My buddy Kevin Designed it cause he is a nice guy and then tried to get a bunch of PHP guys to build it.
They got it up and running, but the archives didn’t work and it was a pain in the ass to leave a comment.
Henry and I have hung out in Austin for a bit. He is a part of a group that has some of the most infamous Marketers in the World.
Marketers are for the most part Snakes and Frauds, much like PUA Instructors, however this Austin Group is the real deal…one day I will actually learn from them.
Henry is one of those guys and he told me that he knew PHP really well and would just fix my site for the few kind gestures I gave him.

I have also gotten a ton of free Marketing Advice and Business Advice from guys in this group. It is insane…I mean it is slow times and a lot of guys are hurting for money…I ain’t excluded from that.
From what I see with these Austin Dudes is that they are able to Live the Lives they want to Live, be good people and still make Money.

You don’t see that too often these days.

Unfortunately there is no real contact info that I link to for Mr. Champaign but come to Austin and we will all hangout.
And Henry is still working on getting the comments to work, but maybe he can teach me how to do it.


#3 – Milo and Jen

You may not know these people, but they help a TON with the innards of theREDmole.com.

They have been living off of grass for the past month, while helping me out.
All I have to say is this…

I have had a lot of people in my life that have turned their backs on me, that is life.
In fact I could tell you that this started from a very young age, being born into some of these situations.

However a Victim lives life manifesting situations to constantly blame others.
Right now in my life I have some of the best people.
I have the most loyal people that the world can ask for.

Both Milo and Jen have gone beyond their duty and stayed in it with me.


I will say this,

there are a bunch of people that could be on this list and I have not written about, mainly cause I doubt you will read the post if it is too long.

Here is the reality –
I have been in the PUA Community for a long time. I have made some of the best friends and also made some not so good ones.
However, the life I have now I do not measure by success, status or any of that shit.

I measure it by how good the people are around me.
People say that all you need are 1 or 2 good friends, I literally have 15 of those.

I am never alone.

I have everything I could ever ask for in many ways.
In the past few years I have seen ‘joke’ after ‘joke’ give advice to guys looking for answers in how they can get better with women. I see them say it is all about how cool you are or how status can get you what you want.

I have seen all those ‘jokes’ turn into something that is no longer funny. They are pathetic. It is sad.
It is sad when all you have got is your identity, and that identity is fake.

If you’re one of those people and you’re reading this, change it.
Like Radiohead has always said – “Meeting People is Easy”
It is free, all you have to do is be yourself.