So in this whole journey of meeting women I have made a lot of friends with my students.

Some have completely dropped off the face of Pick Up, some I go out with, some I call for advicem and some call me for advice….for the most part it all mixes up, that is what friends do.

One thing is for certain, I actually have gotten out more from the community than seem to put into it. So I will put in more. I was kind of worried, cause I have been sending out Audio to my list quite a bit, and I want your input (

I thought it might be too much, and believe me there is a Shit Load more. It is a whole combination of stuff, but I don’t want it to come across as Spammy.

My main goal in this is to have the most Accessible and Helpful Information OUT THERE. There are about 10 more things that i have ready to post up.

So the other day my friend from Chicago gave me a call and he told me that I need to keep the Audio coming because it is much easier to Learn from Audio than it is from just reading a post. I wanted to share some more Audio with you guys who are reading my blog. From what I hear, everyone says that this is one of the BEST interviews they have ever heard…I don’t think that is cause of me, it might be Adonis the guy interviewing me.

You can find it also at the

The Audio is Posted on this site as well on the Side Bar Flash Player…there are 4 track Available. It is a small Flash Player (eventually it will be all bad ass with flashy women dancing across it) …for now be creative and scroll around on it.

I have the Adonis Interviews on there, both Parts (1 and 2), and a few other things

Also I am going to be in Orlando a few times in the next few months.

First I will be there at the end of April on the 19th for a Lair talk and doing a workshop there as well.  This I will be the for a Second time for the Under21Convention in July.  To find out more for about the Under21Convention go to the and it you want to find out how to sign up for it go HERE!  It WILL SELL OUT!

If you want some really crazy Audio, you will want to GET ON MY LIST,

I have another Blast going out to you guys tomorrow!

On a side note, last week I went to this Orgy event, and oh the stories I have…I am actually going to this other event tomorrow that actually will be part of the same crowd. I will post about it tomorrow.

Talk soon…