Ok guys, I had fun weekend to say the least more war stories from Marquis de Sade, Fidelio and a whole bunch of others.

One thing that I have found to be interesting in terms of this whole journey is the more I achieve some sort of lifestyle that is my ideal, the more I realize how many other PUAs are far from that.
So last week I started sending out to my list some Audio Discussions on Seduction with Marquis de Sade and Negatron that we did in Austin.

I have broken these talks up into a few parts, and if you want to be a part of it then
Make sure you GET ON THE LIST, cause I am mailing it out weekly, every Thurs.

This next one is really full of a lot of content and discussion.

On a side Note one thing that all my friends have been bringing up is they are asking why I am not posting any more LRs.  I have had some pretty crazy ones lately too.  The reason why I stopped writing them was cause pretty much every girl I continued to have sex with would in some way find my blog and read them, thus being appalled and not have sex with me anymore.

Now pretty much everyone I meet I tell what I do.  I tell them straight up and I make it work.  So now my only excuse is that I am lazy. When I am knee deep in finishing Stacks and can’t keep up with the workload that comes my way who has time for LRs.  But also I have been doing so much other than Pick Up (which by the way helps in Pick Up) that I just haven’t found the time.

One thign I will say, I am convinced at this point that no other PUA can hook as hard as me.  The reason why I say that is cause, I have had so many experiences in the past 6 weeks where I have talked to a woman for 10mins to 2 hours and then left town, stayed in contact over text and email and they fly out ALONE to visit me.   It is almost like every weekend I have had this happen.

Another thing is that i heard from Hypnotica that he managed Strippers at some point, maybe currently…who knows…

So I started doing this.  Man, I am serious, when other PUAs breakdown Stripper game, I don’t want to say they are completely full of shit, but they are completely missing the mark.  When you start working with Strippers on the level that I have been working them, it is a completely different game than what most people lay out.

Another thing is Multiple Relationships.  This is every man’s fantasy, well that and 3somes, but both breakdowns are completely missing the mark and reek of lack of experience from what I have read.  I learned how to work Multiple Relationships from a Student of mine.  This guy actually had 6 women LIVING with him.  It was unreal to see.  So I started to do so, this was an experience.  I did this for over a year.  I built up relationships where the other women knew each other and interacted with each other and it is NUTS.  It is hard to manage, especially when they live in other countries.   You have to be a strong person to pull this off, it is no joke.

As for 3somes, what was written before is jsut like the rest, it works, but in such a remedial way it is a joke.

In any case guys, sign up on my ist if you haven’t and let the Value come your Way.  This whole Summer I will be in Austin for the most part working my Alumni Workshops at the 40+ Acre Ranch I stay at.  In July I will have a short time in California and Oregon, and in Late July I will be at the Under21Convention, then in Late August I will be going to Chicago to record with Steve Albini.

Talk soon!

Steve aka El Topo