So I have gotten some emails about frames and stack info. Actually like quite a few.

Just to check in I am in Austin again and am amazed at the community out here.
Lots of dedicated guys. Really impressive.
And in actuality I will be out there quite bit in the next few months.
I would like to do another lair talk there as well.
The funny thing is that when I do lair talks people generally find them beneficial.

In fact those of you in Boston and SoCal, I will be speaking there shortly.
Boston Dec 16th (thanks Doc Holiday)
SoCal Dec 18th (thanks Sexual Chocolate)

But what is funny to me is in Dallas the fine Lair people there would not grace us with their support to do a talk (thanks Dallas Mojo). The odd thing is that at the talk, yes we are there to show what out company has to offer, but in reality there is about 15 mins of that and an Hour and 45mins of working personally with the people attending.
And better yet when we asked about it to speak it wasn’t just me, it was Sinn, Captain Jack and Me. And FOR FREE!
That is almost like a disservice to your community of PUAs to play into the bullshit PUA politics. It sucks that PUAs that have actual experience in the Game like Asian Playboy, Sinn, Captain Jack, Shaft, and the rest of em aren’t yet seen fit to the high standards to the Mojo.

But how’s that for a rant.

In any case, pretty much everywhere I go I end up meeting some of the greatest people!
There are friends from all over that I have connected with and stayed in contact with that make me love what I do.

But now that I got that out of my system I would liek to get a bit more into the ideas of using frames in terms of pick up.

As in my previous post, I mentioned that I am by all means no authority on framing, and I think that there are far too many people who claim to be. I also would like to say that I have the belief that I don’t have THEE definitive system on framing, nor do I think that having that mentality is a good one, considering there is still so much to be learned from game.

But the structure I use is one that is set up like
Establish frame, Empower with Cold Read and then qualify them to it.

I was on the phone with Priest the other day and he was asking about his stack that i had put together for him.
If you don’t know Priest then I wonder if you are in the PUA community. But if you are ever in his town, he has an awesome couch to crash on!
But he asked me about this idea, and I told him, ‘it is in your tack man!’
And he said I know, but can you go over the structure a bit for me so that I can figure out how to apply it in other stories I integrate into my stack. (that is one of the really cool things about the stack is that you basically get this really thorough stack with tons of explanations in it and you have the model for adding and augmenting it. It really is a tool for the long term.

In any case I gave him an example like this…

“You know how psychics use clod reading techniques to get people to lower their guard a bit. Well you are kind of doing the same thing. So working a force frame is a cold read, but it is a weak one if left alone. So if you are in conversation with a girl and you say,
‘You know just form talking to you right now, I can tell you’re a really… kind of are a wild one at heart.’
That is great but only takes a step forward if you sell it a bit more with a more elaborate cold read like,
‘But like check it out, I can actually tell just because when I was growing up my best friend was actually a girl down the street who reminds me of you. Her name was Jill. Now I am the last person to generalize, but you know what I mean, when you meet people and you just have, like a feeling about it right away. And with you, I can tell that is it like those… insecurities that you keep from the people you meet that never let that side you out in the open.’
So right there what I have done is shot out a bunch of cold reads, mixed in with some grounding and other little highlights that allows the subject to attach something to, and not only empowered a frame, but also laid a few more that should be good to build compliance.
And then make them qualify themselves to it…
‘So what is like the craziest thing you’ve done?’
And so there you have done a frame, mixed with a cold read to give it some momentum, and then made her qualify herself to it.”

One of the most powerful things frame-wise you can do is to build multiple frames in a set, have them represent different sides to her, then bring them together. But if you can play them off of her just right then you can get her to actually defend the frame you put on her.
And actually have her decide that she wants to fight to carry that frame’s identity pver the other frames which actually are empowering it.
I know it sounds confusing, but take a look at how psychics and stage magicians all the way to politicians work.
I think one of the things never brought up in terms of pick up,
is oue absolute need to embrace a belief. That is our human weakness.
The larger our population gets and the more superficial we live, the more we need to believe in things we can’t explain. Them more we need to be lead, and what leads is the belief.

any questions or comments, I would love to hear…