So I only got 2 lays in the Golden State.
The last night through is something to be talked. I hung out with Ozzy (a natural who has inspired my shaping of being a PUA).
He is basically a 40 year old man who’s life equates to
Drinking himself into oblivion, getting laid, then gong to a casino and losing all of his money.

We went out, me with my TAP and him with a girl of his.
The only problem was that I had another friend with me.
Ozzy and I were ready to do the swap, but it all got fucked up in the end.

Something to post about, but I figure I will hang with him again.
And we will have stories.
We already do from years back.

But aside from that, I have come home to a trashed house and a pile of bills.

one thing that makes me happy is there are more Alexyss K Tylor shows on YouTube.
And Josman has completed chapter 3 (actually tops chapter 1 in my opinion) on ‘My Wild and Raunchy Son’.

As you know other than TMM (mainly CJ and Sinn) my game has been shaped by two things, and th Alexyss K Tylor Show.

This one is good, it shows how dangerous homosexuals can be to the rectum of American Culture.