This is a video series that goes over one of the biggest things people rave about when they work with me.

Body Language –

Every Sunday I am going to release a Video that gores over one of the many Body Language Secrets people have been saying get them results like no one else.   My Students GET RESULTS!  Always!

Body Language is the thing all those students who were able to get insane results working live with me give as their number 1 tool they got from their workshop.

People who have worked with me have been telling me for years that I need to do videos about them, and so now I am finally doing it.

The goal of these videos is to have you be able to learn from them, but also to show you that I am not just teaching the old standard body language stuff.   This series will go over the Secrets that GET RESULTS, and nobody get’s results like me.

In fact I would challenge any Instructor out there ANY – I have had the BEST results with Students Hands Down.

My students are better than Instructors, and many have gone on to become Instructors.

Hopefully you can take the information in these Videos (there are a bunch more on the way) and truly get some real results from just watching and applying the specifics we are teaching.  In fact you can do a lot from this Video alone.

This isn’t the old standard Body Language stuff, like leaning back or keeping your chin up or maintaining some ‘Super Alpha’ stance.  It isn’t the same old Touching techniques either – Start by touching the hands, placing your hand on the small of the back….

This is the stuff that has been getting results with my Students over and over again, Year after Year, Student after Student.

This is the actual dynamics of how you move and interact, how you can stand how project your intent, how you place your body, and what will actually trigger seduction and arouse.

This is stuff that works, and I got the students to prove it.

This is why working live with me has such dramatic results.  And I mean results like people pulling strippers from the club the night they meet them when on a work shop with me, people getting Same Night Lays after talking to girl for 15 mins, and aside form that, my students always continue to learn.  I have the best track record with students compared to any other instructor.

This video series is quite possible one of the most unique things you will see out there, and it is meant for you to learn from.

How I teach Body Language is how I teach in general.  I customize it to you.

The results that I get from body language and teaching it to other people is undeniable.

In fact it will allow you to attract, and seduce right from the start.  You could literally do almost everything wrong, and still you could meet connect and seduce a woman, if you use proper body language.

So this is the first Video, take a look at it, study it and go out and try it.

If you want to really take some of these techniques and take them to the next level then let’s sign up for one of the workshops I got coming up where we can take some of these body language techniques and really design them to you!

I will tell you this, if you just start applying this technique of Intent,

Like when you first realize you like someone and then Qualify them (or they tell you something you like about themselves) and you simply move closer while maintaining eye contact, you will be on the road to Seduction.

We will cover that road in the next few Videos.

For now enjoy!

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