Body Language Video 2 – the Angles of Seduction

So I am pretty excited about this Video here cause it shows quite possibly one of the simplest and effective Body Language tools that you can use immediately.  Also that is my music in the background 🙂

To Put as few things in perspective,

if you were to go out and do the things I show in these videos without much experience they would get you results about 1 out of every 4 times.  This is what I see when I go out and do a Lair Talk or I teach on a broad level.  When people work with me, and they learn how to take these Body Language Principals and design them to their own personal strong points and weak points the results are at 100%. Who else can say that?

That is how amazing these Body Language Secrets that Nobody Else is teaching work.

This Video is pretty dense, it shows a whole lotta those Secrets

In fact it shows 2 of them

1 – Angles of Intent

The first thing that this shows is that the Angles that you sand at will communicate so much more than you would ever think they would.

Here I demonstrate that you can literally enter in the set at any point, getting close may be the most important note in that.

But what is more important here is that as soon as you realize that you like someone, then you need to ‘confront them’.   I know it seems simple, but this move alone will communicate so effectively a level of dominance and even arousal that people are not use to.

Very simply, we challenge and show intent with this move and it speaks for itself.

The reason why I point out over and over again that these are the roots of Seduction is because they are.  You start Seducing from the second you see what you want.  If you don’t like it then you move on.  But if you do, you have laid the right ground work out.

Why this is Seducing is because you are ‘communicating’ with your body and where you are standing, that you are a man that is interested in them.  They will either be compliant in it or not.   Step 1 of all Seduction is Defining the roles of Man and Woman and establishing your intentions.  This 1 way and the most effective of all the basics to define all of that.

2 – A little Off-Center – the pathway to Seduction

Now the second thing that it is showing is a Secret that is even more powerful.  This one also seems simple, however is much more complex than that.  It is simply saying that you can get very close and even Project Sexuality (when you get more advanced) by standing just off the center line.  You can cross the center line of people, but first it is really easy and really quick to project yourself upon them first by standing just off the center line.

Seriously, it might sound simple, but it will get a girl sexual with you in a few seconds.  Those of you who have seen me do this in field know, it works.  And those of you who are my students (cause nobody else teaches this stuff) know how fundamental this is to seduce and arouse.

Go out tonight and TRY THIS STUFF!

No need to stay online, get results.  I am showing you everything that you need to know, so go out there and DO IT!



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