Body Language Video 3 – Touching to Seduce and Maintain Attraction

In the First few mins of an interaction Body Language is what we are Communicating Most with and it is what People Notice First.  Take it Seriously, and if you’re not on my email list GET ON THE LIST (sign up in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the Blog)

This Video really ties the 2 previous Videos into Play…
In the First Video SEE IT HERE – you Learned how Spatial Relevance was can be Used to Show Intent.
In the Second Video SEE IT HERE – you learned how the Angles that you stand in and even where you position your body in fornt of someone can be used for Seduction and Arousal.
In this Third Video you’re see where it all comes together.  You show Intent, you use your knowledge of Angles and now you Start Touching…. It is not necessary Just Where to Touch, but it is more along the lines of HOW you Touch….Where is coming up n  a few more videos 🙂
I am telling you, this stuff in these 3 Videos will get you into Levels of Seduction within a few mins of meeting someone Daytime or Nighttime.   What you you have learned before any of this not necessary wrong, but this is the Evolution…

In this Video I cover 2 types of Touching –

One way to Touch is to Maintain Attention – This we will call  Dominance Touching

The other form of Touching is to Seduce – This we will call Seduction Touching

Here is a brief Over View of how these work and below I have included a Schedule of my Upcoming Workshops if you want to take this stuff Further.

Dominance Touching –

Normally when touching is taught it is seen as a sequence of where you might touch or maybe even seeing it in a ladder.

This is taking a little bit of a different look at touching.

First off, you can touch someone right away.  You can touch someone right away even in the daytime.  I will say in the daytime it might not be as aggressive, but you should not throw this tool away so quickly for the daytime.   Because Body Language is something that people communicate with most and Notice First in the first few mins of any interaction we want to play with a full deck of cards…we want to touch.

The first way to Touch that you can almost always implement is Dominance Touching.

Most people think that Touching by nature is Seductive (it Definitely is) but it isn’t always.  Dominance Touching is done when you are maintaining someone’s attention, or if they have lost their interest for a second.   It works great, in fact it is more calculable than an old school ‘attraction’ routine.

An example of this is when you are talking to someone, (usually in the first few seconds after opening) and they are not that into the conversation….that is the perfect time to assert your dominance.

In Video 1 we learned to take a step closer to show some Intent.  It helps to be smiling when doing this.

In Video 2 we learned that the angles that we stand at and our positions in front of someone will help us to gain someone’s attention, even begin to seduce.

In Video 3 we learn that touching the Shoulders or the Arms will Snap Someone back into State almost like clock work.   You can even see me doing this throughout all the Videos to Nina when she is not paying attention, it snaps her back into state every time.  All something to note here is that when I am touching her I am being assertive.  I am grabbing (very lightly) and slightly controlling her when I am doing so.   This is a delicate thing  to practice, but that simple action will prove to really add some changes to your Game.

Also you can touch around the shoulders (like putting your arms around her shoulders) or you can touch the arms and hands.  This will have a more dominance role.  But what makes it Dominant is HOW you are doing it.  That brings us to the Next Point Seducing based on Touching within the first few mins of Meeting them…

Seduction Touching –

This is another things everyone raves about…why, cause it works sooo constantly!

My marketing Friend spent some time with me last week figuring out some statistics – When people do workshops with me 1 out of 3 guys will get a Same Night Lay on my workshops.   No one else comes close to that ratio.

What you learned in the first 3 Videos is a lot of what I accredit that to.  Seduction touching has less to do with where you are touching (although hat does help) but it has more to do with HOW you touch those areas.  In the upcoming Videos we will get even More into this.   In this video we are learning how when we control around the waist of a woman, and even touch with the waist areas we are starting to Seduce.

What is so funny is in the Video you can see how it works on Nina.  I grab around the Waist and she wants to kiss me. We actually had to cut the session short because she got too riled up.    In any case, this sort of touching will jump hurdles in your social dynamics.  I am not sure why no one else teaches it, but what got those Students (and you can hear their reviews on my Review Page) those Same Night Lays on their workshops with me was these techniques.  And they Always say it was the Body Language stuff that helped them most.

One of the most important Seduction tools you can learn is that when you control around the waist, and you can get someone to have their stomachs touch yours and their hips to touch your hips, you will set off sexual spikes that will Define the roles of man and woman.  If she is compliant in that, then she is allowing herself to be seduced.

I hope that you guys are getting a lot out of the Videos, another one next Sun!

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