the Body of Seduction –

This is the Fourth Video in the Series and in this video we are continuing to learn the process of beginning arousal through how we communicate with our bodies right from the opener.
Because we are starting to learn a few specific techniques that cause arousal, you will start to see that the best learning process for this is to start thinking in terms of the Principals rather that the Techniques alone.
In fact the 2 go hand in hand.  You need to Techniques first to understand the Principals of how and why things work, but then you need to have a good understanding of the Principles rather then the Techniques in order to start designing this stuff towards your life.
What I want to Breakdown in this Post is an overview of the Principles of Social Dynamics, Attraction and Seduction, then we can be creative with the different ways we implement those Principals.

the Principles –

Push – Pull







the Male/Female Definition


Our tools to base technique off of –

Body Language

Subcommunications (Facial Expressions, Tonality, Movements)

How we Interact


What we say

Spatial Relevance

Now believe it or not, each one of the Principles has multiple actions for the Tools we base our Techniques off of.

I look at the above list of and I think, ‘man, this could really be a long post’

The reality of it is that, I want you to start watching these videos and thinking along the lines of Customization and getting the things that you want rather than devoutly following someone Else’s model.    Now I am showing you here what I do, and giving you some explanations to adapt, but the real learning is in making the stuff work for you.

Here is this Bod Language Series you are learning how you can do something that has never really been encouraged – you can communicate sexually, even communicate in a pretty aggressive form sexually with how you use your body.

The Principles that you are implementing are these –

Showing Intent – this not only works as a huge attraction spike, but it also clears the air for showing what you want.

Being Dominant – People always say this, but there are many ways to be dominant.   You can do it being dominant emotionally, sexually, and physically.  One of the easiest ways is to do it emotionally and this is always neglected in the PUA community.  Here we are being physically Dominant while implementing techniques that send of spikes of arousal.   This is a lethal combination.

Compliance – If there is anything that humans are subject to, it is compliance.  We love patterns, we can say we are as independent as we like, but we do not even come close to that.   If we get stuck in a rhythm of any sort it is very hard for us to get out of it.   What is really making this stuff really amazing is we are gaining physical compliance while also arousing.  this combination will catapult our ability to be sexual.

What will make thing work for you as you grow with more experience is if you explore different ways of how to ‘Show Intent’ build ‘Sexual Compliance’ and ‘Assert your Dominance’.  These things are all translatable, they abide by no rules, so break them.  If you learn to do that, you will never plateau in your skill building.  You might hit a point where there is some trouble but you will always progress.   If you can do that, then you are set on the path way to build a lifestyle that allows you to achieve the goals you want with women and beyond.

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