Long time no talk...

This is one of those Blog Posts updating you on what’s been happening with me.

Since the famed the21convention.com I have been laying pretty low.

That convention was awesome.  Some amazing speakers on Health and Fitness and some good PUA stuff too.

I can’t wait till the footage is out.

Man, it was a while ago but I went off.  Actually got the only Standing Ovation in the conventions history.

I have been primarily working out of Austin with my clients here and working my 6 Week Online Program with my out of town clients.  It has been truly rewarding.

I am pretty sick of the PUA marketing and how pathetic it has gotten.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be selling you something too at some point but at this point it has been truly frustrating.

So I figured I would keep busy with my clients privately in Austin and a small handful of guys online.

In the past few weeks some cool stuff has been happening.  In fact in the past few months – but lets talk about the stuff today…

1 – J the Ripper’s Podcast –

Listen to it HERE

A few weeks ago I did Thundercat and AFC Adam’s Show.  Pretty typical show.  Entertaining had good production and had never talked to Thundercat so it was a good opportunity.

Also Adam Lyons and Amanda are just plain good people.  I actually ran into them at a Strip Club in Austin and Adam asked me to come on.  Good stuff.  The show is somewhat of a typical PUA show.  Make jokes gossip, talk shit… right at my maturity level.

J the Ripper’s show is the first PUA radio thing that I actually though was cool to be on.  More so because the guys actually seemed like hosts featuring a guest that all this other clowning around.  They had the content of their show define their audience rather than the audience define their content.

I have not been too involved in the Casanova Crew because they can be a bit too capitalistic for a free ‘community’  message but I gotta give Jared (J the Ripper) props for doing a good job building and expanding it.

As it says on his webpage ‘The Only Fuckin’ Podcast That Matters In The PUA Community’

And this is true …many have tried and many have sucked.

Jared’s is truly kick ass.  Fuji and Nick Quick have been telling me for a while and now I am telling you.

I am featured on the Sept 15th 2010 Podcast, but listen to em all.

I guess people have found the podcast as funny…I mean anyone who knows me knows I am a bit crazy so what do you expect.   But there is some good content at about the 40min mark when I go over some sticking points with Austin (a guest on the show).

2 – My buddies Alex and the Punisher!   *I Love Money 4*

***Note all the OTM logos**** Hahahahaha

Well my buddies are on TV Again.  Being exploited once again by VH1 and its reality shows.

Hopefully nobody kills anyone this time around.

My buddy Alex and Punisher are on it and let’s hope they win $250,000 by selling each other out…


Funny enough, I got something in the works with Alex and Punisher so be on the look out.

One of the most awesome things about the show is before it was shot, Alex and Punisher hooked up with Scotty from On The Mat so the OTM logo is all over VH1.  I was just talking to Scotty and it seems like everyone and their mother is some MMA douchebag now.

At one time it was a brotherhood of guys and now it is a bunch of pussies trying to over compensate for something…sounds like the PUA Community.

In any case,

I will be catching up on all my writing and popping out videos soon.

Just needed to take a beak from the whole marketing side of things.

It gets frustrating…

These people are Frauds and when that is all you can see, it is better not to look.