Revolution to Evolution Part 2 is here and it is completely jam-packed with just what we will be covering on the two teleseminars that are coming down the pipe in the next few weeks.

The first of these is teleseminars is right around the corner and slots on the calls are limited – only 25 per call. I’ve already sold a few slots today and I expect that to only increase when the rest of the videos get released in the following days, so be advised.

I’ll let the video above speak for itself, but one thing is for certain…

We are moving in a new direction, and we are going to start that by redefining a few things – things which have misled people who are ready to make some serious changes in their life.

The number one issue I see for people who are ready to learn and take those steps of change is the misconception of identity.

We always seem to be caught up in the idea that in order to attract and effortlessly build connections with great people (including beautiful women, of course), we have to pick a popular identity that is not necessarily true to ourselves.

This gets completely misinterpreted and taken on such absurd tangents that sometimes I am embarrassed to be teaching in this field. The only recourse I feel I have is to try my best to change this perception.

The truth is that in the new techniques and methods that I have been implementing and teaching to a select few completely blow this out of the water.

This is a myth, and it is actually more powerful than these false identities that the instructors in the dating community are portraying – which don’t even work as well as executing what I am teaching in combination with being yourself.

It truly is effortless, when applying the techniques described in the above video.

If you want to learn how to quickly and easily apply these techniques to you – and truly give your game that customized edge – then be sure and enroll for the double “Revolution to Evolution” teleseminars coming up on Aug 12th and 19th.

They will cover how to build a solid identity based on your personality to create an undeniable attraction from people you actually want to draw in.

Not only that, but there are still five more videos to come that will also teach you even more of this new tech, so stay tuned to my YouTube Channel, and let’s turn this thing upside-down.

And don’t forget my three promises to you:

1. Accessibility

2. Customization

3. Lifestyle

Everything that I’m making available to you through the “Revolution to Evolution” system will be sustained by those promises.

So if you’re interested in fast results and an authentic approach tailored to your unique personality, get on board now and get BOTH teleseminars for just 147 bucks in total. Again, space on the call is limited so reserve your spot today.

For planning purposes, the dates are:

Call 1: Wednesday, August 12th at 8pm CST.

Call 2: Wednesday, August 19th, at 8pm CST.

And don’t worry – I can email you a recording of the call in mp3 format if you can’t make one or both dates.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming videos. The next vid will be out on Wed and I’ll be discussing how to customize your openers.

Let’s kick ass,