In Jan 2010 I started the Mastermind Program…
It has been bad ass and all consuming.

Tacit and Cruzzer I haven’t forgotten about your post requests… 😉

I really love it.
Finally I am at a place where I can work with a select group of guys that want to learn and focus on some really quality content and dedication.

There have been a few things other than that happening….

Here is what is happening with my Friends (some family too) that I really think is Kick Ass!

Sorry not too much about the lady getting stuff, but believe me there is more of that to come. I have been spending most of my PUA time focusing on this group. You will see the result is a wealth of information coming up.

As always GET ON THE LIST!
Lot so Audio going out in the next 4 weeks too.

So let’s start off with my Cousin

Ian Kuali’i…

He’s a bad ass.
If you ever wanted to know someone who is a natural then you shoudl talk to him. Anyone who can be a waiter at a restaurant and make friends with Dr Dre, Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and so on…having Matt Damon fly him to the Dominican Republic just to hang on a film shoot is pretty bad ass.

He is one of the very few people I would call an Artist and here is some of his stuff with Doze Green (if you’re really into hip hop and breakdancing…you know who that is).

His GF Cynthia is bad ass too!

See her talent at

OFF THE WALL :: Doze Green – Studio Visit from on Vimeo.


Marko Slavnic

This guy is one of my friends in Austin and he made a film a few months ago that won the $100,000 first place prize for his film at the Nikon Film festival, Chicken vs Penguin.

The bad ass thing about Marko is that he has always been someone who has lived what he believed in.

People that do that take huge risks…not the kind that people tend to brag about to impress people, but the risk that after you have lived life you learn to look up to.
Marko will continue with his film career and hopefully you follow it, cause he has got a lot to show and share.


LA Jones and Melelani K

These are both of my other Cousins.
LA made this bad ass film – One Night Stand …a little bit more on edge than Marko’s but let me tell you – if you run into this situation…watch out.

First off I am pretty stoked cause it has been LA’s dream to make films and this is his first one.  He also shot it on film rather than HD video.   He is no pussy…hahahaha
What you can learn from this is…Sometimes you don’t need to go for the SNL or else.
It is a toss up between Mele and Ian for my favorite Cousin, but I will say Mele is the most bad ass chick I have ever known. a while ago she told me I should dump my GF so I did. The girl I have been dating for the past while is the only one Mele approves of – hahahahha! Aside from that She is the Bartender in LA’s movie.

Can’t wait till they tie the knot!!!
I can’t wait to go to NYC to eat LA’s lasagnia too!!!

Watch both parts to get it all!!!

Part 1

and here is Part 2

Som How to Movies for your viewing Pleasure as well


How to Get Laid!

Yes we have the formula…


How to Know you’re a Sex Addict!

As for now that is it…

I still have some posts that I promised Tacit and Cruzzer that I would write…I assue you they will be on the way.