Being good with women doesn’t mean you approach them do some tricks and maybe walk away with a phone number.

Being good with women means being someone who can make a woman feel like a woman and find a woman that can make you feel like a man.

Unfortunately everybody seems to be caught up in the first example I mentioned.

Now being able to approach is pretty necessary, and knowing hat to say is too, but the focus of these things has nothing to do with what you want.   Those things are the training wheels.  They are assumptions when compared to the reality of being someone good with women.

We get caught up with the masquerade and lose sight of the purpose.

To be honest there is nothing like a woman being able to fully be herself emotionally and sexually raw right there in front of you. What is better than that – is when she is sexually and emotionally raw and completely attracted to you in your purest form. When I first started looking for answers in this community in 2005, that is what I was looking for. —— So today I was on Facebook and one of the girls I met in Mexico started a chat with me.   She is from Austria and was freezing her ass off there.

*Actually I think I tried to reach her on Skype and then she found me on Facebook…then we went back to Skype. *

This girl is probably one of the more insightful women that I have met in terms of Sex and Sexuality.  She is very comfortable with is and has had a lot of experience with it. In fact our conversation started off with me asking about how sex can be somewhat illusive.  For instance I used to have Sex define my relationships.  I used to need to have really crazy sexual experiences in order to appreciate sex.   She understands this and also understands how that misses the point of sexuality as well. I was asking her about how my girlfriend and I were drawn to each other sexually and my girlfriend is probably more sexual than me, but sex eventually needs to be seen on a normal level and can’t define the relationship.    You need a sexual definition, but you can’t have sex define things.

I feel kinda weird pointing this out, but me talking to her about sex and my girlfriend is not some bullshit routine, it is actually something normal that I talk about.    Start seeing your interactions with women on a more normal or real level and you will not only start getting results, but you will also get reality as a result and no a manifestation of a fear.

Women that are sexually liberated is a big thing I am attracted to.  However this is a rare find. It is hard to find a girl that is together for one, but also it is hard to find a girl that is sexually confident. Women say the same thing…

They can never find a man that is sexually confident.   They can never find a man that makes them feel like woman.  They can never find a man that makes them feel like someone who can be sexually free.


Men don’t know how to be men, cause women don’t know how to be women.

Some of the things you always hear in this community is – “Have her notice you” “Make the girls chase you” “Have her respect your value” and so on

These are good mentalities, but they are incomplete.  In fact to call them half done would be an overstatement.

The real issue that guys come to me with has nothing to do with those ideas. Men don’t feel like a Sexual Beings. They feel like men who are chosen based on a Cosmo Checklist rather than men that are made by themselves and respected for that. They feel like men who serve their women in their interactions instead of men that go for what they want – failure or success is the result.  A man is defined by the action. They feel like men that don’t know how to be themselves and truly please a woman. They don’t know how to assert that sexuality and attract a complimentary sexuality back.

Just as men don’t know how to be men, women don’t know how to be women.

This is all because – We as men don’t know how to make women know what it is like to be a woman.

Over 90% of what the PUA community talks about has nothing to do with this.  It has nothing to do with how we can be more of a man, and how we can not only make a woman feel like a woman, but attract a woman or women that can make us feel this way too. What my Austrian friend was saying is that (because she is a Very Sexually dominant female) is that the biggest turn off for her is when a man cannot get comfortable sexually with her.  She says this is a sign of someone not being able to be honest with themselves. One of the biggest turn offs fro me, is to find a girl that is obviously sexual, but is too afraid to express it.

A fundamental of Seduction is to realize and accept it is a woman’s game.

If it were up to men, we would just grab the women and make it happen right then and there. We don’t live in that world.  We live in a world where sex and seduction are a woman’s game.   And believe me I am not complaining about this… I think many guys have this anti-woman approach, I am definitely not saying that. Women have tremendous power in terms of Sex and Seduction. It is woman’s game.  The idea that we are the ones who have to approach and have to say and do certain things in order to impress them is an acceptance of this. That being said most of the information I read in terms of Seduction hardly acknowledges this.  It is voiced more long the lines that men just need to be not acknowledge or even entertain the idea of a woman’s power and at the same time still try and do all the things women like in order to bed her. Say this Routine Do this touching secret Wear these clothes Choose this Identity Drive this car Have this job Design this lifestyle In the PUA Community it is almost like these things are said to be a statement of our independence as men. When they are in some ways the opposite.

We need to see our independence as men as knowing women.

That doesn’t mean kissing ass, it means finding the right fit…making things happen. All the things we do that we say that matters in terms of Attracting a woman, let alone Seduce them are all part of playing the woman’s game of Seduction. If you can wrap your head around that idea and truly understand it you can realize how Expressing yourself and Seducing a woman is actually serving them and doing what women want rather than beating around the bush with all these stupid assumptions in terms of what they might like.

As was put by my friend from Austria – ‘When a guy is fucking me hard and completely dominating me he is the one serving me’

If that means serving a woman…then sign me up. See sex like that, start asserting your self and what you want in the right ways and you will start seeing a true unveiling of sex and relationships.