Yo yo!

When I am not sitting in the corner of my dark room thinking of ways to be more Manipulative and Conniving, I am doing these Podcasts with DJ Fuji.

The first one released to Mehow’s list today…I will probably mail it out to my list later this week, but why not get it now, by clicking on this convenient link before your eyes….

We actually have done our second recording for this show and it is even better!
Here are the rules for the show-

-For FREE (and Available for ALL)
-Content RICH (no holding back with Marketing BAIT, that’s for bitches)
-Interactive (we want to have an Open Forum for guys to call in and get there questions answered, this one was the first so no one calls in…maybe because we have no friends. But the second one, coming out in about 10 days does have guests and you will want to hear that one.)

In any case if you want to be on the show and have Fuji and I field your questions then just email us…
eltopoPUA@gmail.com or djfuji@mehow.tv

And all I got to say is the Preview for the Next Show is going out to my list in about a week, and it will be genius (genius, meaning- filled with magic and fair dust that clouds the mind turning one evil and pathetic, much like myself).
So GET ON THE LIST mothafucka!

Lots of stuff coming up…
Thank you and goodnight!