In the PUA/Seduction Community we have lost our purpose

What is it…

Be better men?

Have better and real experiences with women?

The 21 Convention has been Gold for a few years now, because it has purpose.

There is a lot of BS out there.  In the PUA/Seduction the BS grows more and more, a the 21 Convention the BS has gotten less and less.

That is because of the guy who runs it…

Anthony Johnson

Below are some Videos from the 21 Convention in 2010.

2 From Orlando and 1 from Sweden.

What you see in these videos is part of that Gold.

One video is about the Industry

One video is about Seduction

One video is about Health

They all work towards the good things happening in this Industry.


The Self

Steve Mayeda –

I am very proud of this speech…

I have spoken at the Convention for 3 years.

The convention has so many attachments to my life, some directly related and others very personal.    When thinking about this speech (I never structure or rehearse anything I just try and speak from where I am at) I was in a really interesting place.  There is no doubt I have been frustrated with the PUA Industry for years now.

I had seen Jason Savage speak a month prior in Austin and as always it blew my mind.
I often feel like I want to rant about the negative stuff within the industry, but there is no answer in that.  There needed to be a solution.   I talked at length with my buddy Terrence about this the week of the speech…

I wanted to convey an answer, passion and give the most amount of value as I possibly could.

I think I pulled it off.

I love this speech


The Seduction

Jason Savage –

The best speech I have seen in 5 years…

Read his blog

There a few people who have truly influenced me in the past year
Jason Savage is one of them.

He is one of the very few who make sense out of Seduction. When you dive into the depth of being a Seducer there are few people who know the evolutions, challenges and progressions of that.  Jason is a lighthouse for this.  His entire being exudes experience.

Before Jason traveled to Sweden to give this speech he gave a preview to it at the Austin Society. That speech was the best speech I had ever scene when it comes to anything in the Seduction Industry.
Seeing that speech also heavily influenced my speech.

Jason is also one of the better people that I have met in this community…probably because he is outside of the community.  He does his own thing, he’ his own person.


The Body

Dr. Doug McGuff –

Read his Blog

The most popular speech of T21C Orlando 2010

For the past 2 years Anthony Johnson has brought some Health experts to the 21 convention.
They always blow everyone away.
Dr. Doug McGuff is the author of Body by Science as well as a Medical Doctor.   When I asked everyone in Orlando what speech influenced them the most they all said it was Doug’s speech and Mark Sisson’s speech. It was almost never one of the PUA guys speeches. The year before that it was Drew Baye’s speech.
I know many people who have done what Doug McGuff spoke about and they have seen results, I mean I have seen their results.

The 21 Convention being a conference about men’s success, what has separated Anthony’s convention from the rest it its dynamic approach and evolution.   This year Doug’s speech helped revolutionize the convention allowing its attendees to ultimately live a better life.

A year ago I knew 4 people who following the advice of Doug McGuff and Mark Sisson via the 21 Convention.  They got results.  After the convention in 2010 I know about 20 plus guys that are visibly more healthy and happy.

Impressive stuff…

If knowledge is Gold you can find it in what has developed at the 21 Convention