I remember 3 or 4 years ago if you said Happy Holidays that meant you hated America, and wanted the USA to be taken over by Communists or something like that. Actually I think that was an election year…makes sense… stupid shit always comes out then.

Tomorrow night for XMAS my Stripper Text is going out. I will compare it with CJs work in the previous email. So if you are not on the List, GET ON IT! (upper right hand corner)

Also, I will have a little bit of a write up on Inner Game going out in the next few days, so sign up on that mofo!

Right now Jeff Buckley’s Version of Hallelujah is playing at this Starbucks, which makes me think of a few things. Way back when, when he jumped in that Mississippi with his clothes on high on H, his brother was crying his eyes out at Eral’s diner (now sadly closed) in Orange, Ca.
Back then nobody knew about Jeff. It sucked for his brother though.
But really it makes me think of how Leonard Cohen is quite possible the BEST songwriter of all time.

For now, I leave you in some Deep Thoughts
from the past couple of days…

All people are capable of massive change, I started working with others in areas outside of Pick Up more heavily and I have seen more in terms of people via personal growth in the past few weeks than in a long long time.
Even myself.

I told my friend that I thought our mutual friend Scotty was crazy.
He replied, ‘You know Scotty isn’t that crazy, you’re actually crazier than him.’
This made me a little bit afraid, but at the same time it made me happy.

It is reveled about in small circles that a few weeks ago, Soco SNLed a stripper completely outside of his Social Circle who was carrying a 9mm Berretta. So last night when I got in the car with this girl and she had to move her Shotgun and Rifle I felt included…
I texted Soco and he replied, ‘oh, just a hick not a badass….valiant effort though, ha’
Either way I am proud.

Funny enough later that night my Stripper friend told me about a photo
shoot she wanted to do with a gun and her getting married.

A girl told me that she had a dirty secret, that she like to watch guys pull their dicks out of her right when they are about to cum, and shoot it all over her. I wanted to get her to push back at me a little, so I told her that this was no big deal all women like this. Then she flipped out saying that this was not true and her girlfriends hate cum.
The truth is that all women like this phenomenon. But the other hand to it is, they all tell each other they don’t.
It is kind of like masturbation in High School. Everybody talks shit on it, but everybody does it. So what does this tell me….
A lot, be creative with that one. Mainly that sexual fantasies for both men and women is something people keep to themselves. This can be used to blast towards sex.

I had a girl I met a few days ago re-pierce my dick again and then we went out on a date, where she went nuts. She spit on me, slapped me, punched me. I thought this was funny, and she went home with me.

This month I walked away from more potential closes in a long time. If a girl wants to fuck you, and you deny her, she becomes your bitch. Interesting dynamic. I got this from Pimpology by Pimpin’ Ken. Also if you close too many girls in a Strip Club, things do not go well for you in that club, or it is harder to manage all the personalities and egos.

After I pulled a girl she told me all about her life and so I walked away from it. I felt bad for many reasons the next day, I called my ex girlfriend who is a spiritual leader type about it. She told me I have Karma that I need to clean up, and either I can do it now or it will keep coming later in life. Later that day I called my friend Kevin and he told me that Karma was the knock on the door that just keeps getting louder.
I told the girl last night that she was the knock on the door that keeps getting louder. She was like… WTF???? I think if I can keep my dick in my pants with her I will be good friends with her. The shitty thing is that when you deny a girl sexually, sex will be an issue for a long time.

There are way more hot chicks than cool chicks. Very little crossover. If you get a cool chick and she is not a 9 or a 10, who cares? You’re an idiot if that means anything to you. That means you care more about what a bunch of PUA geeks think than your personal well being. That’s healthy.

Due to my new clarity, there will be more Inner Game stuff coming out and some Free Conference Calls directly addressing this. Sure I want to sell, but that can never be my main motive for doing the things I do.

My Jewish friend in Atlanta just sent me the funniest text message…
Merry Christmas, we killed your Lord, see you at Easter!’

Speaking of text messages…
Last week I texted every girl in my phone I have not yet closed a picture of a shit I took with the title saying…
“this is how much I love you”
I theorize the ones that replied back, I will close no problem.
One I already have, the rest we will see.