People have all these rules and methods for ‘getting good with women’, but I have rarely seen many teachers be consistent with how ‘good’ their students get.

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So I want to shed a little light on some things here.

When you first started looking at these things online your motives were not to do 90%-100% of the suggestions that are made –

-Creating a false Identity

-Social Pressure Exercises

-Turning Humanity into Mechanics

and so on.

What is important is whatever our goal was (or is) we have been willing to do those things in order to achieve it.

One of those things is that – “you need to approach 1,000- 10,000 sets”.

So the other night I was hanging out at my friend’s Club in Austin while AFC Adam was doing his Free Workshop

(Props to him for doing that, and he will be doing more.  In fact the Austin Lair has myself doing Free Lessons at its talks once a month and Adam doing his stuff as well as Zan and some other really good lesser known Austin guys….good place to be)

It was the night of the UFC Fight where Mir and Penn Dominated.

I have interviewed Penn and Photographed him as well as taught a few people in his camp so I am always excited to see him win.   So needless to say I was pretty pumped.  Aside from that one of my close close girlfriends had just gotten back that night too and I was meeting her there.

In any case, after the fight I saw the 20 guys at the free workshop working the sets so I started working with a few of them.  I soon realized that for a lot of these guys this was their first time approaching sets.

It was tough cause I only work with a few guys at a time so it has been a while since I had a constant influx of guys doing the same things over and over again.

I then thought of something that might shed a little bit of light to someone  who is new at this stuff.

You could design your whole game, if you are starting from Square 1 to get to a pretty good and consistent level within 100 Sets.   Probably a more consistent level than most guy’s whole Systems could do for you.

How I have broken this down is in Groups of 10 or 20.

1- 10 – Approach, Compliance and Body Language

11-30 – Body Language and Qualification

31-40 – Moving and Isolating

41-60 – Qualification and Grounding

61-80 – Mixing Attraction and Emotion (Deeper Grounding)

80-100 – Qualifying for what you want and Number Closing

In this Post I will talk about the First 10 Sets.

In your first 10 Sets you want to Accomplish –

-Approaching a Girl

(pick one type of venue, Day, Restaurant, Club, Strip Club and so on)

-Compliance based on reactions.

This is Playfulness, Teasing and so on.

-Body Positioning

How to put yourself in a good position in the group or with the girl.

That is it.  In those first 10 sets I want you to try and do all of those things.

Down below I will give you some Specific Examples of how to do this.

However I want to Emphasize that you once you work towards these 3 things in those first 10 sets I want you to try and think about how you tried to accomplish these things in those first 10 Sets.

Don’t just try and blow through them,  really try and think about how you could have improved and how you might have missed something.  Think about how you can do it better next time too.

So if you were to try these 3 things on 10 people here is what your goals would be –

Approach –

Confidently start a conversation with anyone based on the Openers below.

Compliance –

Stimulate at least 2 reactions with them using your what you say.

Body Positioning –

Getting Close and feeling comfortable with it.

So Let’s breakdown these 3 tasks –

Approach the girl –

So to Approach you need an Opener.

One of the main rules for Opening is that you should base it on a topic that you like, it will make the conversations in the future work a lot better.

So that is 1st Variable.

The other major Variable is based on where you are.  If you are at a club there needs to be something with more reactivity in it, if it is a Waitress then you just need to sit down and wait….

So that is the 2nd Variable

For your Topic you can choose from these examples about myself.

I like Art, Teaching people, Sexuality

So I can open with any of those things with this template –

Hey can I ask you a question about woman?

Wait, I don’t know about you…alright let me ask you this.  I have always been into different types of Art, are you someone that is really open-minded?

Now you can use that same set up and just change a few things around there.

So for Sexuality it would be this…

Hey can I ask you a question about woman?

Wait, I don’t know about you…alright let me ask you this.  I have always been into how different people feel, especially things like human sexuality… are you someone that is really open-minded?

(Anyone who tells you that you can’t be sexual or touch in the daytime should not be teaching day game.)

In any case, this is just the opener.

There has to be follow up, but for these first 10 sets just work with this.   There are some changes you can shift around for different situations, and by all means you can do whatever you want if you already know how to initiate a conversation.

Compliance based on Reactions –

This is pretty vital, and this is where guys may already know how to open, but they don’t do this.  If you get good at this you can lead the conversation in all sorts of crazy directions.   For now lets take things a little easier and just focus on some reactivity.

Compliance is vital in anything that is Human or Social.  You want to lead people.  You want to be able to get people to move in the right direction.   That is how you Lead in the first mins and seconds of an interaction.

Later as we continue in more of the sets you can get compliance in a few other ways.

But now it is reactionary.

Also you have to realize, ‘game’ or ‘attraction game’ is not doing a bunch of high stimuli playful stuff, it is just trying to gain Compliance.

In the example above there are a few things that are Stimulating a Reaction immediately.

So let me point a few out and then expand on them too

Hey can I ask you a question about woman?

Wait, I don’t know about you…alright let me ask you this.  I have always been into different types of Art, are you someone that is really open-minded?

The “Wait, I don’t know about you…” should get some stimuli and have them either react or pay more attention.

“are you someone that is really open-minded?” also should get a reaction.

Now to expand on this you need to do a few other things that will help get a reaction.

So let’s say you did all of what has already been written you want to start generating this sort of reactivity towards something more deep within the person than something superficial.

The way I say to prepare for all of this is to walk into a situation with 3 Teases ready to fire.

Here are a few Examples –

“I can’t talk to you, you’re too judgmental”

(You want someone to be non-judgmental so this will help them react back in this way)

“I think you’re one of those girls that is really interpretive, but you always end up getting stepped on”

(This is meant and said playfully.  Being Interpretive is something that is a core part of someone, and getting used or stepped on it too.  Right now the person will not show that part of themselves but you will be moving in that direction.)

“You know with your smile, I bet that people really get the wrong impression about you”

(How people perceive one another is a great way to begin transitioning into something a bit deeper.)

The same as with the Opener, you also need to base these things off of things you like.   I like open-minded people so that is one of my Teases.

Body Positioning –

Let me just say this…

If I were to focus on a new student that had never had any knowledge in the dark arts of game then I would say that this is all I would teach him.

In fact I would give him a few placebo lines and then emphasize where he stands or sits.

While chiming in on AFC Adam’s Free BC I realized that all I needed the guys to do was pay attention to the Angles that they would stand at and get Closer.

So if you are sitting down, or standing you need to Get Closer and Stand at the Proper Angles.

To learn more about this watch my Body Language Videos 1-3  and get be creative.

Video 1 –Article

Video 2 –Article

Video 3 –Article


Now remember this is only the first 10 interactions.

Do this…you can do it in a day, or you can take more time with it and do it in a week.

In any case, you should really study it and take some time with it.

I will be letting a few more of these posts out there.

GET ON THE LIST cause good stuff is going out tonight.