I think people have been always wondering about the KFP and I have kept the articles on it in the dark for a while now, but in tomorrow’s Podcast you will be right there in a Seminar with me breaking it down.

If you are not familiar with the KFP, it is a technique I discovered that we jokingly called the ‘Kung Fu Penis’.

What it really is doing is taking the Attraction Techniques we all know and love, and using them as seduction techniques.
I also call the KFP, Sexual Qualification.  If you want to get a thorough lesson on the basics of the KFP and how you can completely blast through ANY Last Minute Resistance.

In the past 3 weeks a few guys have been telling me that a lot of the information that I have been giving is too COMPLEX!

So in this article is how to make simple Attraction meaning Opening, and Transitioning into Seduction.

I would say to start this out you should keep a few things in mind.

-Women Like Sex-
Look everyone like sex and it is the most Human thing about us, it is Culture (our Culture) that makes it uncomfortable, and PUA material that makes it uncomfortable.  Sex if NORMAL!

-Women Like Talking to Men especially about Sex-
Women always talk about sex amongst each other, but what they talk about with each other is very different than what they talk about with Men.  Sadly most men and women don’t talk about sex.
It would be the same as guy friends talking about sex.  Guys may talk about sex till the cows come home, but they will still be very curious about a female’s opinion about sex.   If you can get women in a conversation about sex from a man’s perspective you will be set.   (examples of this below)

-You can Talk about Sex as soon as possible-
You are selling yourself short if you don’t talk about sex.  You can’t always do it, but you most of the time you can.   It is just like touching, do it quickly.  At least try it.  You will be surprised as to how well it can open things up.    A lot of people say that in the day time you can not talk about sex, but I do it all the time and have women fly out and see me after talking to them for 10mins-2hours.  I mean this happens like once a week.  I don’t even try that hard with it either.    (examples of how to go sexual right away are listed below, there is a special technique that I ad in there too for things like in the day time.)

-When talking about it, it is your job to make it COMFORTABLE to talk about-
Sex is something that is an easy subject once you get into it, but to get into it is the hard part.   Really it is not that hard, but it can be ‘touchy’.   If you are uncomfortable talking about sex with a stranger (understandable) then you need to get comfortable.   But your disease will be sensed.  They will pick up off it and they will feel uncomfortable about something society already says is uncomfortable.

So with these things in mind here are some simple routines – Openers and Transitions that you can use to bring up sexually to make things comfortable.

Opener to Transition 1-
I have a question about people….you’re open minded right?
What do you think makes someone attractive?

See the reason why I am asking is cause men and women give completely different types of answers.  Men always bring up something that is sexual right away and women usual want to ask more about what I mean.
Like I bet for you attraction has many different interpretations.

I bet you especially have an idea about attractiveness for what you notice about someone, but also for what you feel about someone and one that grows with time.
The funny thing is men have those too, but they never talk about them.
I think women assume that men are over sexed and think nothing else, and men think women are too emotional and not sexual at all, and neither of these are true.

You can ask the above in the Opener Transition to anyone at anytime.  I don’t care if it is a hired gun, in the day time or night time.  It is an easy opener.

Opener to Transition 2-
(this is quite possible my favorite one of all time)

Excuse me, I have a question…
What percentage of men know how to please a woman?

(the answer will always be low)

You know what the funny thing about asking that is?  It is that most women always say that most men don’t know how to please a woman, but the men always respond like I just asked them a question that doesn’t make sense.
Why do you think that is?  Do you think that men and women think about sex differently…I bet you you especially would have an interesting take on all of this.

The reason why I end it with that lead up to a cold read at the end it cause the conversation successfully brings up the topics of sex with some depth but it actually needs to bond to them, that is where the cold read will help.  You want a part of THEM speaking to you not their surface level persona.

Now here is the best trick you can use if you are a little bit afraid to go this sexual.  You can use this in the day time too if you like.  I call it a ‘buffer’.  You use it as your opener, then you can transition to one of the above openers.

Here are 2 examples of some buffers-
“He can I ask you something…wait you’re open-minded right, I don’t want to offended anyone that is too sensitive….”

“Hey, you’re in a relationship right (doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t continue), well, I can ask you this anyway, you’re pretty non-judgmental right?”

If you go out and use these, they will work and they will get you on the road to working a much more efficient style of game.   A style of game that actually gets you Laid!

Aside form that GET ON MY LIST to actually hear more examples of how delivery and live examples of how all this works.