Get ready to live “the Sexual Life”!

by Chris Pacheco


So straight up, (pun intended), I am hijacking this blog!

Anyway, hi to all ya’ sexy mo-fo’s! My name is Chriselda Pacheco and you’ll get to know me soon enough. Why did I do this? You may have noticed Steve’s recent lack of communication. He’s been too busy busting nut-loads onto too many women. Now, he’s temporarily insane and hasn’t been able to pick up the slack. Given the circumstances, I don’t care about being devious and conniving; I am a woman after all … 🙂

To get straight to the point,

If you don’t want to change and if ALL you want to learn how to do is pull ass and cut down on your porn consumption, then I suggest you get off the mailing list, stop reading these blogs and forget about it all. What’s about to happen isn’t for people who want to sit on their asses and talk. This is about people who aren’t afraid to move, to try something ‘different’ (no matter how uncomfortable it might be) and be part of a change that goes BEYOND your gender and genitals.

HOWEVER, with that said, what you may not understand is that that kind of shallow thinking only compartmentalizes your life; keeping your passions here while you live out your life over ‘there’. ALL things are symbiotic relationships. ALL things flow together. IRONICALLY it is THIS new way of living that will get you more ass than you know! I am personally so sick of hearing about this ‘Pick up Artist’ crap. What Steve & I both believe is that it is NOT cool to TRY to be cool, try and look cool or even learn the right ‘lines’. Truth be said, wanting to be sexual, sensual and communicative is a most fundamental part of being human. Duh. No news flash here but, don’t you find it ironic that despite all the tools we have for modern communication, people still feel more disconnected than ever. Is THAT just a figment of MY imagination? Or, can you feel that too? People spend time on blogs, videos, books and other products that give guidance to nowhere. It’s an empty culture of decentralized loneliness feeding on itself. Meeting people, experiencing sex is a god given rite. But that is how life is. Life is more than a routine, it is the voice of chaos turned into authentic connections; including physical connections. People are selling something before they create it, being something they are not, mastering short cuts and quick fixes instead of doing the long-term, rewarding hard work and using truth as their foundation. I think so many people got good at writing the map but didn’t have the first clue as to where it was going. And by all mean we got the Map Down…. Don’t get me wrong. We are gonna continue to serve up advice on sex and desire and arousal in a very well thought-out scientific way. And for you crazy sick folks, we will absolutely serve it up in bloody, raw vulgarity. Personally, I like being a cavewoman. HOWEVER, remember ALL things are symbiotic; you need the Yin and the Yang to get the motor turning. Meanwhile, I’m nursing Steve back to health by giving him hugs and understanding. He’s so vulnerable now – constantly in a fetal position. Poor thing. But, I do know this: We are here for our own evolving and we are moved be those who want to evolve with us… Sounds good or interesting? Then stay tuned … you are in for a vibrating, and sick ride. Yowza’!