Hey Guys….
Some good news here!

So much that it would be too much to send out to my List.
Just a plug here….I am on the Richard Brian Penn show again, Paul Janka is too. This one is VERY funny, I come on a little bit later but it is good stuff.
He is linked to my blog, but here is another link


But some really BIG news is that one of my bigger goals in all of this is to have the Community Define itself more.
Right now how I see it, is there are a bunch of companies that close themselves off to their students and leave them wandering around on forums, then people start their own forums, but not to interact, but to advertise.

Right now I try and stay active on as many Public Forums as possible, it is hard work.

So I am please to announce that DJ Fuji (of the Mehow camp) and I are going to begin an AUDIO series where it will be 100% interactive with anyone and everyone.

The idea of the Audio Program is that it could be a Biweekly Q and A with instructors where people could call in with Questions.
Dj Fuji and I would field the questions and work with guys live on the show.

The rules for the Audio Program
Would be that it is
-100% Interactive
-It is FREE

Our first Podcast will be coming up here in a bit, but if you would like to be on the show to have your questions answered then email me of Fuji at

For now here is a SAMPLE! CLICK HERE!

And for now look at how Anal Sex can be bad for GOD