One thing that you may not hear me talk about is how proud I am of my students.

I am convinced at this point that I have the Best Students in the whole Dating-Seduction-PUA community.  There is no doubt in my mind.

In fact I just set up this Review Page to start featuring them and their success stories. I set up this page to Highlight them and how proud and honored I am to have them!


I have always had loyal students and in many ways my students have always encouraged me to continue teaching, even at times when I wanted to stop teaching.

So one of the reasons why I am bringing this up now is because every week I want to start highlighting one of my students in a Blog Post.

To put this in perspective – for the past month I have been asking some of my students to do interviews with me.   This experience has been nothing short of profound.    Seriously…Profound.

I feel more than humbled, by all means I am nobody to look up nor should you look up to any person teaching this stuff, but I do look up to my students.

In many ways I am in disbelief that I could have been a part of these huge transformations that they have had.

What I will say is whatever I am doing whether it is theREDstack or it is my live teachings, and in some cases both, I am doing something that is getting results very consistently.

In any case, I don’t want to tell this story, I want my students to do it.  So once a week I am going to feature one of these interviews on my Blog with a lesson plan attached to it that goes over something that we are talking about.

So that all being said I want to get started on my First Interview from one of my Old School Students.

I had to break this one up into two parts, because his interview was too long.

It is a student who I know way back when from the old PUA forums who hired me about 2 years ago for one of the first ever of theREDstacks then later hired me for a 1-on-1.

Sometimes he goes by RED, other times he goes by Smokelion and when he calls me he goes by Danny.

Danny has one of the first of theREDstacks ever made, and he has done a 1-on-1 with me.

He basically exploded into someone who got better and more consistent than pretty much all instructors out there.   He was able to pull off SNL after SNL, and I even saw him get one after talking to a girl for 3 mins.  My buddy Alex and I witnessed this with our own eyes about a year ago in Las Vegas both of us were pretty blown away.

The fact is Danny is an Animal, and he is one of the many students I have had that are insanely good!

More importantly he has truly evolved as a person and seen the community as something to allow him to evolve.  His story is very similar to mine and many other people’s in the community who gain the ability to meet and attract an abundance of women.  Once that happens stuff starts to change for you.  You are force to grow and a human being and as a man.

He started off with desire of wanting the right women in his life, and theREDstack and the 1-on-1 (a lethal combination) got him more than that.

Later he evolved to a point where he found what he really wanted was the skills to be able to find and meet a woman that he could be satisfied with.

He also has a blog which can be found HERE (

So here is part 1 of our Interview, it is a little over 10mins long.  Part 2 will be out in a few days, so listen to this while its HOT!

Here’s Danny’s interview with me-


In this interview Danny talks about his first impressions of theREDstack (he was one of the first 5 to get his.  They were only 8-10 pages long then, now they are 80 – 100 pages long.   He also talks about how I was the only person really teaching Comfort and Seduction back then.  There was a wealth of ‘Attraction’ material, but nothing really beyond that.

He also talks about how most of the PUA-Dating-Seduction Community has evolved very little in the 3 years he has been in it.

Something that he talks about here that I decided to write this Lesson on is a certain type of Qualification.

It is Qualification based on theREDstack and endemic to that unique process of theREDstack.  Below is an Article outlining that.   This is the BEST material out there and I don’t write it just for you to read it, I write it so that you DO IT!

And one last thing there is a lot of material that I am putting out lately, the reason why I am putting this out on my Blog for free is cause there will be better stuff released from my list.   SO GET ON THE LIST, and go out there and Apply these Valuable tools I am putting out there on my Blog for FREE.

Qualification: A different angle – Part 1 –

People will many times be confused about this idea of Qualification but it is simple, at some point of meeting a woman you want to show your interest in her not by qualifying yourself to her…like showing too much interest – but you want to show you’re interested in her by challenging her to see if she is qualified to talk to you.

In a weird way this is how people get attracted to one another.  I know somehow it doesn’t make sense logically, but this happens all day long.   We want 40 different things throughout the day, we can have urges, ads…whatever jump out at us, but we are attracted to those things that extend a challenge out to us.

You know that girl that we kind of like, we start talking to us and then she pushes us slightly away…all of a sudden she becomes really important.   We start Qualifying ourselves to her, and if she has some experience she plays us like a fiddle.   This is cause the idea of Qualification is a Principal.  It is a Truth.  It works in many ways, not just verbally, but in our Body Language, in our Facial Expressions, in How we interact and so we want to get good at it in all those ways.

theREDstack takes a bit of a different and dynamic look at Qualification.  It has many uses not just one or two.  What Danny and I talk about in his interview is much more than just Qualification but we only have time for one topic, as you will see that I spend a lot of time just chipping away at the fundamentals of one form of Qualification.   What we are talking about is using Qualification to actually get a response that is genuine and useful.  If we get that from Qualification then we have many different directions we can take it.  We can build emotional bonds, we can be sexual, we can also just see if a girl is actually Qualified to talk to us, based off of who we are.

What we want to do is set up a dynamic where if we find someone attractive in any way, we set up a system of Qualification.

Here is an example of my perspective.  From the moment I notice I like a girl I immediately want to see if she is someone I might really like, I want to know more about her.  I want to know the ‘real’ her and not her club persona, or the part of her masked by social fears.

Now this is great cause I can actually see if I like her but also it works somewhat of a tactic that will allow her to be more drawn to me just like in the example I made above about a mediocre girl who pushes us away becoming more attractive to us.

One thing Danny points out that is so vitally important in the interview is that when a girl answers you she needs to answer you with her emotional self it can’t just be a reactionary surface level answer.  In fact she does not even need to answer you verbally, she needs to emotionally invest in thinking about the answer.

An example of this is you asking a woman if she has close friends, and she answers with very little expression “Of course I do, I have Nancy and Tania” she is not really Qualifying herself.

But if she were to stop and think and then say,  “You know what, I am not sure what you’re asking…what do you mean”

She would be Qualifying herself, cause she is investing in what you think of her.

So how does this work…

Number 1 I am asking her a question about herself not just an empty question to see if she will answer.  I want to ask questions that are really about her.

Number 2 – I want her to really respond to me.  It is not so much her just answering me, it is more about her emotionally investing.  This could mean she doesn’t even answer, but she thinks about what I am asking her.  You want her to care about what you think, rather than answer.  This is a concept that nobody seemed to ever pick up on.  This makes me wonder….no really…it does…

Number 3 – I am asking her a question that will tactically work in this way…I want to ask her about something that I will value in her but I value about myself.

Ok we re going to break here –

In a few Days the rest of this Article will be released as well as well as the second part of the Interview.

Go out and practice this stuff, don’t be lazy with it…go out and apply it and get some results.  I post it for you to learn and have a base, if you want to take things to a level where you can get results sign up for one of my workshops or let’s get on the phone and talk about you changing as a person.

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