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PART one of RED

In this part 2 of the interview – a little under 10 mins – he talks about the Qualification and Sexual Qualification that he learned from theREDstack.  It is funny cause Danny got crazy results, and we talk a little bit about it here, but SNLs got so easy for him, he talks about it like it was so easy to gain ground sexually with the women he was attracted to.

Now remember this is just the first of my Students I wanted to feature.  I have a bunch more, and they honestly teach me more than I could have ever taught him.

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One thing Danny talks about here is how the better you get with women the better you have to get with yourself.

If you want to have results like that and learn on a path that can cause totally change that isn’t just getting the Best results with the women you want but also grow as a human, then GET ON MY LIST and Apply what I put out here for you.

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Here is the Second Part of my Article on theREDstack’s form of Qualification.

Get this down practice it cause it is the root of Sexual Qualification that Danny is talking about.

Qualification: A different angle – Part 2 –

Here is an example of this, and this is one way that theREDstack showcases Qualification Customizing it to your life…

Once you notice you like a girl (should be within 30 seconds to a min) you should start Qualifying her on things that have to do with you.   Why waste time?  Figure out if she is worth talking to and then go from there.

You can do this by interrupting whatever the situation is, and say things like this –

“Wait I gotta ask you….are you someone who is an open minded person”

“Hold on, do you think that you’re someone that will always do the right thing?”

“Let me ask you, do you think that you’re someone who really attracts what you want?”

Ok so those are some pretty general ideas that everyone seems to like.  In this scenario you’re mainly bringing up topics in the early phase of the interaction where you can start driving towards some popular themes that –

1) most women will like to associate with

2) Help you get sexual with her is you choose to go that route, being open-minded, knowing what you want, getting what you want, will all help with transitioning into sexuality

3) These are the sides to women that I like to talk to.  I like to talk to women about all these subjects, and I like talking about all these things myself in ho why are around in my life.

So now here is the kicker…

The secret to customizing is this…

You pretty much take what you’re ‘open-minded’ about, or how ‘you know what you want’ and ask them about it.

I know you must be thinking ….alright Steve…this makes sense, but it really doesn’t…what the fuck are you talking about….

So here is an example.

I  like Open minded women, and women that know what they want, then when I first know I like them (that initial 30 seconds or so) I will ask them those qualifiers listed above, asking them is they are open-minded and know what they want.

I will just fire one out and see if she responds.

She probably will respond.  Like I said they fulfill some popular female identities.

So then lets say immediately or maybe after a few mins, depends on how the set goes –that is something only experience can help you with- you then want to know more about her you want to build off those initial Qualifiers.

So you want to Qualify a little heavier along the same theme.   In this case towards being open-minded and knowing what she wants.

I would say something like this–

“So if you’re really someone who is open-minded and free thinking, how is it that you know what you want when you see it?”

Here is where the genius comes in, and here is how different theREDstack is from the other stuff out there…

She will probably not answer, cause it is a pretty heavy question – and that is a good thing.  You just challenged her, you did so towards frames like being ‘non-judgmental’ and being ‘independent’ enough to know what she wants.  You did this while gaining compliance and you did this while using bait, you are building your plan for seduction based off of some pretty early level qualifiers.

Sounds complex, but study this and try it – then study it again and it will make perfect sense.

You see, it isn’t a qualification ladder, it isn’t a large hoop,

this ain’t the first grade and none of my students wanted to stay in the first grade either, but that seems to be what everyone else is teaching.

The process and method of theREDstack works a little bit easier.   It all ties in off the next.  It isn’t anything genius cause it is just taking Social Dynamics and making it normal.

I hate to say it but the secrets are really simple, they are just hard to see at first.  I am telling you, go out and try this and you’ll make it work cause everyone of my students who applies what I teach gets results and you will too….then once you see how simply this works, you’ll be like ‘meeting people is easy’ and ‘getting them to be instantly attracted to me is easier’

So here is what we learn from our Audio with Danny and I –

-Qualify towards things that are important to ourselves and them

-It is ok to Qualify about something too heavy for them to answer cause we can answer it with a grounding story.

-And have Qualification based off of you and not some artificial ladder.

Ok this is one long Blog Post with a lot of content so I will stop there.

Part 2 of this Audio I want to put out fairly quick so I can post about other things that might be helpful.

So go out there and take this knowledge and apply it.

The internet is great for many things but when you’re just sitting in front of a computer all day reading about technique on how to meet people and not actually doing it, the internet can suck.

Do go out and make yourself known and make a difference.