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This is the first week in July’s Audio Series.
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I wanted to work this Audio Series again in Seduction…but this one is even more intense…

It is more intense cause it has WOMEN being interviewed about sex.

What is interesting about all this, and one of the main points out of all of this, is that these are all Normal women.
I think that one of the assumptions that people might have is that there are different types of women out there. There are ones that like crazy perverted stuff and there are others that somehow convey and reciprocate a more conservative vibe, and then there is everything in the middle.

While I believe we are all individuals and love finding the individuality in everybody, you’re going to be hacking out a huge amount of potential you can experience with somebody if you don’t realize all women like sex and enjoy it.

In fact you NEED to realize ALL women like sex in a very Primal way, and are more crazy about sex then men.

So let’s get to some of the Notes on This Week’s Audio-

I figure this is an on going series and people only learn best a little bit at a time.

In this interview I am talking with a girl while on a vacation with her. I met her while working in the Caribbean (teaching a student) and we have been in a relationship for over a year.
She is a very open girl and we are actually almost like clones of each other.
Pretty much ALL of my Sexual Cold Reads were discovered while talking with her.

Her entire interview with me here is almost 2 hours. We were outside during all of this and you can hear the locusts in the background (sorry guys)
I pulled out a few parts for you to listen to, but I am going to break this down into a few parts for you. So in the next couple of weeks you will be hearing about from her.

Take notes guys…
She really knows her shit-

How Quickly she Senses Sexual Attraction-
This is one thing that I think needs to be brought up. This may not be the case for all of your interactions with women, but women will always be able to sense your sexual attraction IMMEDIATELY. As she says in this interview she says she notices RIGHT AWAY.
What is more interesting about all of this is not only that she senses it right away, but she says she tries to make the situation happen where he will escalate.
Notice how she doesn’t escalate, she makes the situation happen.
You need to take a page form this play book guys, one of the best things that someone can do to make sex happen quickly, is to project sexually and then create an environment of sex.
Probably the best way to Project Sexuality is through Eye Contact and Body Language.
When I teach live everyone always says that they learn most from me in these areas.
Now projecting sexually does not mean that you bombard her with sexuality in a Vulgar way, I do this sometimes, but I am also comfortable with it, and women sense that.
But it means you be a man, and define the sexual role right off the bat.

How She Likes Sex-
Guys this is true for ALL women and in every single interview I have done with a woman, she says this very same thing.
Women love it when you stick your dick in them all the way. They love to be stimulated everywhere and don’t neglect that, but women love to be stimulated DEEP within them.
Now she also goes on to explain that she really enjoys being penetrated deep after she is completely worked up.
I think you will be surprised in listening to her in how she really likes to be worked up completely. What is even more surprising is that ALL women say this.
You will hear it brought up in interview after interview.
She basically is saying that as a woman and for her to truly feel like a woman she wants to be worked up to the point of no control and be taken by that dick.
If you are with women, and don’t do this, you won’t ever have them come back for more…but maybe that is what you want.

Empowering a Woman’s Sexuality-

Here is an interesting issue. This can also be a HUGE escalation technique too.
You want to Empower a woman’s sexuality. You want to help define it for her as beautiful.
Every woman is like this and I really got this first form the California Pimp (netvideogirls.com) .
One way we are talking about her is before, during and after sex you need to talk about what makes a girl sexy.
And be as graphic as you like. Tell her about the uniqueness of her vagina, breasts, scent, the way she has sex, the way she is sexy…all that stuff.
It will set a girl off, and it will take things to a new level with you guys.
If you are with a girl and you haven’t and sex with her, tell her how sexy she is when she does something, she will want you to explain…you’ll see results.
What this girl is describing in the interview is SO common, ALL women think this way.
Also she mentions that in the opposite direction, if a girl (or guy) is sexually insecure then Sex is completely Ruined.

Non-emotional Sex-
This is something that people really didn’t think existed so commonly with women until the Dallas PUA Community really took flight. Nobody really believed that ALL women like to have Non-emotional sex.
The truth is that although women like se with emotions (guys do too), they also have EXTREME fantasies about detached sex.
Some of the highlights about sex with no attachments is that it plays out a fantasy and can be rougher and crazier. You can get women to open up in ways that they might not feel comfortable with someone who they have an emotional identity with.

Don’t be afraid to be a Sexual Being-
Realize sex is a HUMAN characteristic. It is something that is much more hardwired in us than anything. Sex is something that can be liberating and it is something that you should not feel bad about wanting. Most bad actions in sex or that are sexually related stem from people not being sexually liberated. Sex can be something that is a Huge for of communication that does not always need to be defined by social stereotypes.
That being said, Sex can make a pretty big impact on things with someone, so communication with it is Key….so don’t be afraid of it and don’t have fears or guilt dominate your sex life.

Sexual Boundaries are what you make them-
This has a lot of room for interpretation. You obviously can’t go around hurting people sexually. This is something that just kind of suck in general. I mean this in terms of emotions too.
But people feel bad about sex, and it is due to society. Society defines sex for us and that really does us no good. So we need to gain a sexual confidence and we need to gain a personal definition of sex. Perhaps I think this is more important to define before one gets started in game, because if you don’t and you actually get good with game then you will exercise disorder and not move towards mastery of self.
I bring up the many instructors I know that are incapable of relationships and the few that actually get laid are for the most part terrible in bed. Most PUA Instructors don’t have the slightest clue about sexual comfort ability. This is because they have not sexual definition. They need one, and they need to have that first other wise it ends up in a lot of lays and still being afraid of sex.

Ok Guys,
That is it for now.
I have to get back to the road and getting caught up.
In any case, stay tuned for what is about to come next week, and give me your feedback.