July’s Month in Seduction PART 2

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This week I am continuing the conversation with Trish (the same girl from last week) and we are focusing more of the mentality of sexuality from a female perspective.

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Here is topic 1 which she tackles…

How to Seduce with an Uncomfortable Girl-
She asks me what I would do if I hit a hurdle in Seducing a Girl.
I begin to describe the KFP, but then she interrupts and tells a story about a woman who comes to be sexually liberated.
What is important about this, is that she actually describes how women can be much more sexual than men (a common saying amongst the dating community) but she describes how.
HOW a woman builds in seduction is something to be experienced and I would encourage that, but also you should start off knowing HOW to do this because it will make you more Comfortable in terms of sex and seduction.
The build of a woman is huge and different than a man.  She need to have a full facilitation of a man leading and sexual definition defined for her.
An important thing in getting the Audio for this is LISTENING how she describes it.

Empowering her Sexuality-
This we keep touching on, but Sex is something people feel very sheltered about.  In being sheltered, we need to be there to lead people out of it and set the free.
It is almost like, Sexually liberating someone and being a dominant sexual male you need to learn to untie the knot of sexuality people tie within themselves.
A few specifics of what she says is to complement her into seduction.  You need to be the one leading and empowering her sexuality.
Compliment the ways she moves and her identity as a sexual being.  You need to build that road to have her feel safe enough to walk on.

Sexuality’s many Forms-
People’s sexual preferences are VAST and everyone is different.  The one reason why having and OPEN MIND or being NON JUDGMENTAL is so important to establish is because people often times feel guarded about sexuality.   People need to feel Comfortable enough to express their sexuality.
What she is saying in this interview is the number one thing you need to learn about sex is that Comfort needs to be established.   If you don’t lead that then the other persons insecurities will define it for the two of you.
With Sex you should realize that there many forms of it, but you need to establish the openness to EMPOWER their sexuality.

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