By Steve Mayeda & Maria Quiroz

When it comes to the bedroom there are very few resources on how to ‘Talk Dirty’.   Let’s face it, Dirty Talk is part of the Seduction and Act of Sex.  So how do I do Dirty Talk, and how do I get someone to Talk Dirty to me?  We shouldn’t have to go to a Dirty Talk Chatroom, just to experience this great human, and sexual experience.  

Sadly there is no ‘official Guide to Sex Talk.   You might listen to dirty talk lyrics, or you can watch porn, but there is a better way to learn How to Talk Dirty in Bed….Watch as Maria, breaks down Dirty Talk (The Language of the Bedroom), in this video…

The problem with sex and culture is our culture loves sex.  It uses it to advertise, it uses it to voice a political opinion and it uses it to entertain, but very rarely do we learn to communicate with it with our own voice.   In this Vlog Maria gives us a breakdown for both Women and Men on How they can Spice it Up During Sex.


As we learned from this video – Every man and every woman wants their cock or pussy to be the best thing that the other person has ever experienced!


Let’s live the Sexual Life!

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