Hey Guys,

Check it out more of Mehow’s Infield Insider Footage.
You got to go to Mehow’s Blog for it so CLICK HERE!

Check out Mehow, Sinn, Hypnotica and the rest of em. They are all great. But I guess I made the Top 8 or something like that….WHOAHAOAOAOAOAOOO!
On my breakdown, it is about very different stuff.
It is all about Body Language, which you really can’t write about , and I explain pretty thoroughly in the interview. A lot of very new stuff that nobody really does or talks about.

It is much different than the first clip that was released.

The funny thing is that my buddy Dante was telling me to wash my hair before the interview cause he said I looked like a filthy beast, but in the video I look like I have a bad perm. hahaha!

And all I got to say is that had I been wearing my OTM clothing when I shot the Insider things would have been more FIERCE!