So this is kind of a funny thing…
Mostly when people are reading the PUA boards they are talking about VH1 in the Pick Up Artist Capacity.

You know that amazingly entertaining reality show where Mystery and Matador teach guys their skills and so on…

Competition, Reality and maybe you learn some openers along the way.

But a few months ago one of my best friends was on this show where you had to be a Millionaire to Join.
I being the great friend that I am was too busy gloating about my own youtube videos to pump my buddy.
Plus my other Buddy Gina took a lose the other night…so I shoudl brag about another Vegas friend huh?

To find out more about Alex’s show Megan Wants a Millionaire

One thing I will say about Alex is that whenever I am in Vegas he is a pretty crazy guy to hangout with. And although all these PUAs brag about cutting lines and all this Vegas Lifestyle stuff, Alex actually is that lifestyle.

I think the OTM guys all think all the PUA guys are pussies, but they definitely know Alex has got some skills.
Checkout Alex on the Show and checkout the Post Show Chaos that has ensued (see below)

But let em tell you, from my distant knowledge of VH1 Reality TV shows (I know a few other people that have been on then) I will say there is always Drama that comes with the tide.

A Bunch of the Megan Wants a Millionaire cast comes from Vegas, and I think I have been to Vegas 10 times in 2009 already…but this is one guy that I didn’t know…
Ryan Jenkins

But Jesus Christ! This guy is something else…sometimes I wonder…
in the casting process for these shows do they find people like this just to boost ratings?
I am sure VH1 is nicer than that, but man!!!!

This guy marries a Stripper after a few mins of meeting her (not the kind of stripper game you want to be going for) and then she winds up dead in a dumpster crammed in a Suitcase.

Read more about it here