I really want to thank everybody who was on the teleseminar I was on…I think we really took some things to a new level here!

I mean I really think that we are starting to REDEFINE Social Dynamics at its core.

One of the ways I would like to encourage you to realize how powerful and positive this stuff can all be, is I want to start featuring my past students on my blog.
But not just my take on them, I want to feature interviews with them.

This interview is with Scotty from OnTheMat, an MMA Icon. He’s very good friend of mine and also a good friend of my Buddy Alex, who is on the very controversial VH1 show that just got pulled off the Air.

So in this Interview Scotty talks a little bit about his experience in the PUA community, but mainly how I helped him take his already good game and focus it towards dating some of the Hottest Models and Ring Girls in the world.

To get the Whole Interview you gotta be on my Mailing List but here is the Short Version (which is really more like a testimonial for theREDstack, at one time this animal -Scotty- was my Student)

Serious stuff…it is gold so if you’re not on my list GET ON THE LIST!
I am going to include some of the Audio Here –

More importantly, in the Morning I am going to email out some an article that tells you some of the insights on how Scotty got the results he got with those Models and Ring Girls. Now Scotty’s was a bit more Customized, this is the Root!

The Article being emailed out will be on-
How to Gain Instant Sexual Connection from a Hired Gun or Model-
(It is a lot of the stuff I have been working on and it is GOLD)

-How to Immediately get a model or Hired Gun’s Attention (none of the same old stuff, immediately talk to her real self)

-How to Immediately bring out her Sexual Side

-How to connect so hard that it will make any number STICK.

Now I will be posting some of this stuff on the Blog in a bit, but if you want the areas that specifically helped Scotty get that Intense Connection, make sure you’re on my list and take things to the next level.

-What is interesting about this style of game is it is very Translatable to any Style of Game. I got some Stripper Game stuff in the works and this is pretty much the root of it.-

Alright…talk soon…
Crazy Workshop this weekend!

Talk more about that later!