So it really has been an Amazing time
the past couple days…

Right now I am here with Sinn in our Orlando Hotel room, apparently the bathrooms here are not good enough for me, so tonight the elevator had to do.

But that being said this is what happens when the booze hits my brain, I mean it has got to come out somewhere.

Another heavy week of Travel, but it is always worth it.
So Thurs I left Fort Worth for a long trip starting with the Indianapolis Lair.
And actually I would like to say the Top Lair in Orlando is one of the most Impressive Lairs I have been to run by the great Zuzu, but Indianapolis was beyond my expectations.

The guys there are really committed and diverse, I have really seen nothing like those guys in Indi. Props to Hypnotize, and props to Bishop for the hospitality.

But tonight we are sitting here in Orlando tired as fuck!
Sinn keeps telling me that I have got to put on the breaks.
I have really got to get to Trinidad and just chill and lay down on the green grass falling asleep to the sound of West Indies accents forgetting about the world around me.

One of the things that I talk about with every one is is that your life style should be what ultimately shapes your game. And not even your game but your life (hence the word lifestyle).
And one of the things I bring up to guys is also that when I started in this my life was music and the arts. And now those parts of me have been neglected for the past few months.

Those are the things that one can never forget about themselves,
You can always walk the road laid out in front of you, but you can never stop walking the road that is inside you.

But enough of that hippy shit…
Soon enough I will be sinking my cock into some sweet warm pussy and I will be back to my old self.
There is nothing like fucking to set your mind straight, you have got to let the poisons out!

And as for tonight, there is one thing for certain, Sinn and I are a good team.
Always have been, always will!