Hey Guys,

So as with any new website there are always some kinks in it.

I am learning one thing at a time here. But what is awesome about today, is I figured out how to work the Flash Player on the right side…  Right now it is on the bottom of the Right Sidebar, but it will move up soon enough.

This means, I will constantly be updating you with FREE AUDIO! None of this sales bullshit, you know I love teaching and offering as much content as possible. In any case, check out the Audio I sent to my list a few days ago. If you are on the LIST wait till you see what i got coming this week…there are actually MULTIPLE Audio Podcasts I will be sending out!

As I said there is a TON of Audio on the way and my LIST is going to get a TON of it. I can only host so much on my site, so GET ON THE LIST!
As you may know I have been experimenting with a totally new program…

I have taken a few guys through it already or am taking a few guys through it. Yesterday I was on the phone with one of my students and he was on his 3erd session with me…listen to the AUDIO on the Flash Player, even I was surprised to hear the results he got. He met this girl at his work, and in one day he pulled all this shit off…

Take a listen, the Audio is listed as Testimonial NEW PROGRAM