As the guys on my list already know, I had an amazing time with Dream and the gang at in booty-full Orlando, Florida. Now after a few days of rest and relaxation, I am back on it for ya and ready to rock.

So here’s what I’ve got for you…but first, an admission:

For approximately the past nine months I have been utilizing some new techniques.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking…

“But Topo, why didn’t you tell me?”

Well, let me say immediately that it wasn’t because I forgot about you.

Nope. It’s because I wanted this new technology to be extremely POLISHED before I let you run with it. Luckily for us all, I have a pretty sweet team of beta-testers who helped me make this happen.

And after watching them implement the new tech, I can tell you this:

It is simultaneously different and simple, yet it will get you results like you’ve never seen before.

Just speaking for myself, since March I have had eight girls fly out to see me after meeting them for just one (1) day.

No, I’m not paying for them to fly out.

They paid for themselves. Some I only met for only ten minutes prior, and one was with her mother at the time.

But just to be clear, this is not just a simplification of old Social Dynamics Material – this is different. This is an evolution.

My students always seem to tell me that I “think outside the box” (which I take as a high compliment, so thank you very much), but this new technology was even outside of that because….

It came from my students.

Yeah, it’s true. I’m not sure that a lot of other gurus would get this, but I actually learn more from my students than I do from gurus. And that’s not a diss on other instructors because I’ve learned a ton from guys like Captain Jack. It’s simply respect for the multi-lateral value of the teacher-student relationship.

That said, and because I’m going to begin teaching this new methodology, I wanted to let you guys know what to expect from me. So here are my three promises to you:

1. Accessibility

I want all of this to be accessible to everyone who wants to learn it. Videos have become my new hobby and they are a great way for me to teach anyone who is willing to demonstrate the effort, dedication and tenacity. This is also the purpose behind videos I made to accompany this upcoming teleseminar.

Of course there will be an enrollment fee for the products but I want to make them as affordable as possible.

It is my steadfast belief that personal growth should be determined not by your paycheck, but by your desire and ambition to change.

2. Customization

Everything I do will, and always has been, customized. I don’t believe in you having to change YOUR life to fit a method, I believe that the ideal method has the ability to adapt to the individual.

Making improvements with women or in personal growth should empower your life, not belittle it. Your methodology of communication should be custom to fit your life, your persona, and your lifestyle in order for you to grow easily and efficiently.

The two upcoming teleseminars will feature content that seems static, but you will learn how to customize these tools to your life in both calls.

3. Lifestyle

The only way to empower and engage true and lasting change is to manifest a lifestyle congruent with YOU.

As I like to say, “Do the things you love, and the right people will come into your life.”

What I offer is a way to incorporate this into a life that you love, while attracting women to you effortlessly.

Focus on your happiness and personal honesty, the things you love to do. I don’t care if you say you don’t have time for them – I’ll show you how to do it, all I require from you is the will. Mix that with some of the techniques that I teach and you will see faster, easier, and more efficient results.

In the next few days, I will be releasing a series of videos about this new technology that will explain the content of the teleseminars in greater detail. These videos will give you perspectives and direct examples of what I’ll be covering on these calls.

On the call I am going to go over the Tools that I have kept secret for the past nine months and how I turn them into something personal for you to apply to your life. I will go over in detail how I take material from your life and then use it to generate personalized game that can get yield insane results.

The teleseminars will be 90 minutes each, one hour of content and another 30 minutes of question-and-answer at the end where you can get clarification on anything you’re still unsure about.

If you’re interested in fast results and an authentic approach tailored to your unique personality, enroll today and get BOTH teleseminars for just 147 green slips in total.

For planning purposes, the dates are:

Call 1: Wednesday, August 12th at 8pm CST.

Call 2: Wednesday, August 19th, at 8pm CST.

And don’t worry – I can email you a recording of the call in mp3 format if you can’t make one or both dates.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming videos. The next vid will be out shortly and I’ll be discussing how to customize your openers.

Let’s kick ass,