So I wrote this really long post that breaks down the past few weeks in it, but I was not able to finish installing all the links and audio upload to it.

Go figure.

How is that for PUAness.

In any case I want to mention a few things here.

Follow me on Twitter –

Somehow I have been able to manage my antics on that site.

I am getting on a plane to the Caribbean for Thanksgiving to visit my extended family.  Should be Good!

But earlier today I did an interview with Anthony, Peter and Mike from T21C ( )

They are doing a documentary on the evolution of the PUA industry.

I am in it, AFC Adam and DJ Fuji as well as a few other people who have been a part of the21convention.

If you haven’t been to website you should check it out.

In fact if you want to see my speech from there you can click HERE

Keep your eyes peeled for that Documentary, it will be good.  I have seen a lot of the production take place and it kicks ass!