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Alright guys,

This is one of the Videos promoting the Road to the Orlando Convention.

To keep this short, if you’re a guy that wants to –

–       Get better women in your life

–       Get better at Sex and Relationship

–       Hang with some of the world’s leading experts on Women, Money and Fitness

Then you will want to be at the21conventio in Orlando July 22nd-25th

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The convention is an entire experience.  There is such a diversity of speakers and topics your life will no doubt get better from attending.


Now for the Video…

In living the Sexual Life, people need to realize first sex is already there, the less you do the better.

Socializing is part of sex.  Socializing is part of sex and the beginning of sex.

Over and over people preach that Sex and Socializing are separate from each other.  When they talk to a girl they think they have to have a series of steps to cover before sexuality starts.   When you approach a woman sexuality begins.

For the past 6 months I have been working with some new material that takes a different approach to how to meet women.

I wanted to start reshaping men and women’s belief on how they communicated sexually.

If you want to get better at talking to women let alone start having the sexual experiences you have always wanted, you need to be able to start making changes based on your beliefs.

The fundamental difference in what I am doing to get these results has 2 unique differences –

1)   Your Beliefs

2)   Active socialization

In this exercise I am going over has 2 components.

You will need to –

1)   Ask women what you want to know about them

2)   Bring up something that you are uncomfortable about

Now I can’t give everything away on my blog, in fact the more I do that the less people actually try the things I write about….

But for those of you who do really follow my stuff, go out there are spend a week doing the exercise I am talking about above.

The goal of the exercise is to really start asking women that you are attracted to what you wonder about.  You want them to really answer.  No stupid pick up stuff before hand, just start asking them.   Make hitting on the less of a priority than getting a real answer out of them.  Also you should bring up one thing you’re uncomfortable about.  Ask them if that thing could be seen as attractive.

The guys in my Mastermind Group or the Group in Austin have it easy cause they have audio of my doing this or they get to see me do it live all the time.

Their result has been they are phenomenally more confident in going for what they want.  Your beliefs are necessary for attaining the goals you want with women.

When it comes down to it, Seduction is more about exchanging than taking.

Socializing is often seen as something separate than sex, the two are one in the same.

Once you can start to believe that sexuality is a fundamental of human interaction then the road to sex will not have so many crazy turns to it.  You will see it has more to do with setting someone free then trying to trick them into something.

Sexuality has less to do with having sex with someone’s reactions or fears than it does with connecting with them.

In this exercise we are learning to sexually connect with women we are attracted to immediately.   Our social experience is the beginning to our sexual experience.

Go to the21convention Orlando.

Use my discount code.

And Be Sexual


Steve Mayeda