This is a post about traveling through Mexico with my buddy Horacio.

He did some work with me, now we are having fun.    This will be my life for the next 8 days.

To follow this adventure and the many others go to be my friend and you can take a look at some of the Pics, I will update as soon as I can.

Travel Expenses for the 2 of us the first 24 Hours

$80 gasoline

$35 Food

$30 Hotel

How this ties into being better with women let me give you a botched Quote – ( it is from my buddy Kevin B., but he got it from someone else…)

“It is easiest to be spiritual in the Temple

Harder on the Street

And Hardest at Home.”

In terms of women, you might want to get started with all those Crazy Pick Up Routines, do what the Gurus say, but when it comes down to it if you can’t live life and be good with women then you’re just some fraud in a bunch of dumb clothes.

When PUAs talk about going to Vegas or some ‘Pick Up’ city that is nothing to brag about.   You have gotta be able to do the things you like to do and when women come your way you can be yourself and attract them.

Sadly no one really does this and yet people pay money for learning the technique of how to not be yourself and be somewhat successful at attracting women.  And if that were true where’s the proof?

I make my life primarily built off of travel.  I do this without spending much money, in fact if I were to stay in the US I would spend more money just living than what I will spend on this trip.

So maybe you can read this and get something about travel and lifestyle.

Before I was known or even had any concept of the Pick Up Community, I had traveled around the US and Mexico on almost no money.  I should write a book about that…  It is really easy to do, and although I might be critical sound critical about the US in this post, I have traveled, interviewed and talked to people in almost every state.  I love the US and if you haven’t traveled in it I would recommend doing so.  The country is pretty amazing and diverse.

People are good wherever you go!


So now on to the title of this post…

As fucked up as all of that might sound it really ain’t all that.

First off leaving Austin was a pain in the ass.  For some reason that is always the case.

Rule Number 1 for Travel – Don’t worry about shit.

Yes ‘be prepared’ but you gotta just hit the road sometimes.

When you set yourself up in that way, you are automatically fucking yourself.

You need to realize that you’re gonna forget stuff and not everything is gonna fall into place.

You have just gotta hit the road and get started.

Once I am well on my way the reality of the world I have created at home fades off into the distance and I am alone with myself.

This time I have a guide.

So once we finally left Austin there were a few stops that had to be made as well as some loose ends, but soon the road opened up.

It has been 5 years since I have been to Mexico and from what everybody had said I wasn’t sure what to expect.

People keep telling me how bad it is and how murders are out of control, crime, cartels and generally unsafe.

5 Years ago I spent the whole summer in Mexico.  I drove all over…the 3 rules that I read about in the travel books were to

1-Never Drive at night

2-Never Sleep in your car

3-Never give a stranger a ride.

I did all 3 of those things.  I did the first 2 of those almost nightly.

I did travel with my dog though…but she didn’t really scare anybody.

The problems people run into with travel have more to do with attitude and common sense than the majority of assumptions.

For instance, people have all these rules for travel, and it takes the fun out of all of it.  When I went to Europe, I had only traveled around the USA and Mexico.  I thought I would meet these expert backpackers.

What I met were a very small handful of backpackers and a whole bunch of spoiled kids taking a soul-searching vacation who wore fancy backpacks.

Once we crossed the border I realized how Awesome Mexico is.  We crossed the border at 2am.  I was driving.  As soon as I entered I started to have that immediate uncertainty with the roads of another country.  However that last foreign country I drove in a month ago used the other side of the road.  That fucks everything up.

I hit customs hit, remembered what a pain in the ass it is like passing through them when you barely speak Spanish (5 Years ago I was better at it) and I started to remember how powerless you feel when guy with machine guns and nobody around are looking through your things.

I will also say that I have never had a problem at any of the check points with a military person or a Federale steal my belongings.

It took us a few hours to get to Monterrey and even at 4am it was an awesome city.

From what I remember Monterrey is the 3erd largest city in Mexico.  It is very developed and it is so tame in comparison to some of the Caribbean cities I have been hanging out in.

Plus despite the flawed American outlook on other cultures (that include cultures within the States as well) Mexican are some of the friendliest people.  If you were to compare Mexicans with Americans you could say Mexicans are extremely friendly and helpful.  If you have traveled in the Southern United States this same vibe exists.   Mexicans also know their culture than most Americans and there is more of a sense of self.  They know who they are, rather than searching for an identity.   American culture is ruled by media and superficial stimuli more than most places I have been, and it shows.

If you were to compare Mexico with Trinidad and Tobago where I am a week every month, Mexico is completely passive.  Trinidad (although beautiful in its own ways) is pretty abrasive and rough.   Trinidad and Mexico both have a sense of Lawlessness about them, but Trinidad has way more of a party vibe to it.   People in Trinidad are much more wild and crazy than Mexicans.    I mean that is the best way…

So when we got to Monterrey, Horacio (my guide and travel partner) had to take me to this local Strip Club.  This was interesting.  In fact it was one of my favorite places I have been to in a while (How sleazy is that).

What I thought was so amazing was we got there right as it was closing…and there were a bunch of men staring at a large stage with women all showing their stuff off (still had their clothes on) to the men.

I didn’t get it…

Then I soon realized that the men called the women over, and got a dance from them.

Then I realized that you could not only have a dance but have sex with them.

How interesting…

Although I was pretty quick at figuring all this out, the lights came on and they kicked us all out before I could really get a grasp as to how this place worked.

After we left Horacio then told me that it wasn’t really much of a strip club, but he thought I should see a bit of the cities underbelly.

Then we went down the street and ate some of the best Tacos one could ever imagine.

Carne con Queso.

One thing that you will immediately realize once you eat cheese outside of the US is that US cheese has way less flavor to it.  This is because it generally has less fat in it.  Funny cause Americans – including myself- are much fatter than people who eat real cheese.

But what I love most about Mexico is that you can get street food that tastes better than food you can get in a restaurant in the US.  This is also another similarity with Trinidad Tobago – Doubles and Geera Horse are some of the best things I have eaten, and both are Trinidadian foods.

I suppose to wrap this all up, I was pretty torn on coming back to Mexico.

But Mexico is great.  Monterrey at 5am still had more life and culture than most American cities that I have submerged myself in for the past few years.

I miss that Adventure of Mexico.  We have a pretty fast schedule for my stay this time.

Tomorrow we go to Mexico City (Which I have never been to) and then to Chiapas to hang with the Zapatistas…That is 1500 miles in 2 or 3 days.

I think all the fear that comes from what might be happening in Mexico is American BS.  Yes if you are part of the Cartel wars or part of the Government then you might be having some trouble, but there is so little crime I have seen so far (just one short day), but 5am on the streets of Downtown LA are much worse than Monterrey.

In fact if you could say Trinidad is much worse, it is number 7 of the counties with the most murders per capita.  But just like in Mexico if you stay out of trouble you’re fine.

People are people and they are generally good people.

I suppose to make a Pick Up correlation,

If you spend all your time learning routines and methods, you stop living life.

Life is experience.  You need to see the world and embrace it.  If you want to meet women, it is great to have a step by step plan to guide you, but if you live by it you will kill your soul.

Get out there, live life.  Don’t let some social pressure exercise define you…life challenges you naturally if you live it.  If you want to meet women, then get something consistent so that you can talk to them, but at some point you have got to have that attraction come from yourself rather than an online manual.

Rule Number 2 for Travel – Travel Light!