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Total Immersion Orlando July 23-25th
Only 1 slot left for 1 Lucky Guy.

100% Infield
Model real life interactions, showing Seduction
Customize everything towards you

Here’s the Schedule for Total Immersion Orlando

Friday July 23-
– Beliefs in Seduction
– Talking about Seduction to women within 10mins
In order to
Seduce you need to build the belief of how possible it is.
Not just Possible, but everyone wants it.

5pm – 7pm
Waitresses and Hired Guns – We begin with a healthy feast and hot
We will go over our goals and immediately start implementing some
of the exercises I assign you.

7pm – 8:00pm
We hit the streets to continue on with the assignments I give you
you.  Your assignments will all have to do with you interacting
with women…women that you’re attracted to.

8:00pm – 930
I don’t want much here, but you get 90mins to refresh, rest your
head and get ready for the night.

9:30pm – 10:30pm
Keys to the Club
We hit the scene.  Now some people teach social proof as something
where you learn to be ‘cool’ in the club for one night – I teach it
so that venue works for you.  Whether you are at a cafe, your
favorite diner, or your city’s premiere club you should have that
place work for you.   What you’re going to be cultivating from
9pm-10:30pm is just that.
This will set the stage for us all weekend.

10:30pm – 12:30am
Approach – Body Language
This is time to Approach, most people’s workshops emphasize this
time only…and they don’t even do it right.  In this time we will
go over the body language and the social structure of a group (not
your typical ‘group theory’, but through specific techniques you
will learn how to make a group of girls comply with you
immediately).  As everyone tells me, my form of Body Language will
redefine how you interact with people.  This will be the most
explosive stuff you learn.

12:30am – 2am

Because this is the first night we will be taking baby steps here.
But the reason why i have 1 in 3 of my clients get laid on my
workshops is because of how I approach Logistics.  In total
Immersion we will take this window of opportunity and maximize it.
We will begin our long road to escalation.

Saturday July 24

– Get Sexual in our encounters within 10mins
-Execute our Seduction Body Language in both Day and Night

5pm – 7pm
Restaurant/Social Proof

As we fill up for another long night we talk to some of Orlando’s
finest.  Waitresses and bartenders.  However this time we will mix
in some of our previous night’s training in getting to know the
staff and take it to a new level here.  Where we eat is going to be
one of the clubs we hit later.  In Total Immersion Orlando you will
learn to go from being an average Joe to a Pimp within the venues
we go to.

7pm – 8:00pm
We hit the Streets!  We take our Dinner Assignments and we talk to
the women in Orlando live out there infield.  Believe me I take a
different approach to this.  I am not going to tell you to run down
girls on the street, but I am going to tell you how to get yourself
in a situation where you can control it and Seduce.

8:00pm – 930pm

I don’t want much here, but you get 90mins to refresh, rest your
head and get ready for the night.
9:30pm -10:30pm
Hired Guns
Since we should have some amount of momentum here, we are going to
take our Social Proof we have cultivated and turn it on the Hired
Guns.  This mean you will be back on the Bartenders and Waitresses
within the Venues we will be at.   You guys are going to be getting
comp’d drinks and cutting lines at the end of the night.

10:30pm – 12:30pm
Approach – Playful and Sexua
Here we are going to up the anti here.  You are gonna be doing your
Approaches here, but using Body Language techniques you are going
to be getting Sexual.  This will be fun and you’re going to shine
here.  You will see and feel how good it can be to be playful,
flirty and down right sexy.  This is one of the biggest gifts I can
give you guys out there, learning what it is like to feel sexual.

12:30am – 2am
Escalation and Logistics

I don’t take it easy on guys that want to improve their lives.  If
you take this seriously then you need to push yourself.  During the
witching hour here we are going to push for the close.   If you’re
on this workshop sexuality will be exuding from you at this point,
now you have got to learn how to guide it and control it.
Escalating and working logistics will be what you focus on.

Sunday July 25th
Goals –
– No problems with showing sexuality in any interaction
Building your road map

5pm – 7pm

This is going to get interesting.  We are going to build your road
map with the help of not only myself, but with the women you
interact with.  Your assignment will be to do just that.  We are
going to talk to women we are going to get sexual and we are going
to learn from them

7pm – 8pm
Hit the Streets

We are going to continue in Downtown Orlando on our assignment.
Remember this workshop is about getting sexual, and being sexually
confident, and that is what we are going to do.

8pm – 9:30pm
Breaktime…gotta prepare for the night ahead…we will be tired!

9:30pm – 10:30pm
Hired Guns

We are going to continue on our road to working the staff.  To me
Hired Guns are hotter than most Club girls and they are the true
keys to the club.  I don’t know anyone who teaches other than me
that can get his workshop comp’d drinks all night long.  I do that
every workshop in Austin, all through the same stuff I am going to
be showing you.

10:30pm – 12:30am
Sitting back

We have been approaching for a few days at this point, we’re gonna
be tired.  So what we gotta do is something that is more effective.
We are going to play some old school Dallas game where we just
hangout and you will see the fine art of getting women to approach
you.  Kinda a hard thing to explain, but you’ll get it.

12:30am – 2am

This is that final 90mins guys…time to really push it hard.
With the tools that you will have at this point pressing for your
goals is key.  Maybe that’s getting laid, maybe that’s deep
comfort, at this point I want you to give it all you got, and you
will have me there pushing you.

This is a ton of infield time, but if you want to learn in the
same ways my Previous Clients have learned then this is how you
have to do it
Total Immersion!

Total Immersion Orlando is $647

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