Total Immersion Workshops

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Orlando July 23-25th $647

(the21convention Special)

ONLY 2 Spaces left! (just sold one before the Video went up)


Austin August 13-15th $847

(limited to 5 guys)


Free 30min Waitress Pull Audio

If you want to hear why Total Immersion is the way to Learn,

go CLICK HERE and download me Pulling a Waitress while on a workshop to a Strip Club and Seducing her within the Club.

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Need more proof?

You can listen to my interviews and reviews from my clients HERE

What is Total Immersion?

Total Immersion means you are learning purely from interactions.  When on a workshop all teaching is done infield interacting with women.   We take this to a new level, bot only interacting and experiencing, but constructing our road map of development based on what we learn from interacting infield with women.   You can’t learn Seduction from a book, but you can from Seducing…

There are 3 Key Components of Total Immersion that makes it more effective than anything else out there…

1) 100% Infield

2) Modeling

3) Customization

– 100% Infield –

We learn 100% infield.  No need for a classroom, we learn and we execute right then and there!

How can Seduction be taught in a Classroom or a book, you need to speak the language of Seduction and Experience.

This is why I have never offered a lone product.  Everything I offer has a service component.    In reality all you need to make a breakthrough is 2-5 properly executed interactions.  You don’t need 1000 approaches, but if you only read books and download products then you just might.

– Modeling –

If you work with me you will see me Seduce.  You will see me do it within mins of an interaction.  Although i have attached a piece of Audio, to see it is something else.

The best way to learn is via experience.  You need to see a technique done properly, believe it is possible, see how easy it isto do and then do it yourself.

From there we can plan your map even further.

Theory, Books, Structures are all great but without Modeling and Experience then you will be stuck in that Circle of Frustration.

– Customization –

To this day I am the only guy that offers a Customized Approach.  When I say custom I am not just saying giving you some feedback directed at you, I mean giving you a completely tailored approach.

I give you a wealth of Customized


-Body Language Techniques



this means you can develop into being yourself.  this is how 4 years after guys have worked with me they still will use my material.  It grows with you.

You can only fake it for so long.

Still to this day I don’t understand how people will spend good money on a guy that will not adapt that person’s life to to them.  I work for my clients.   I have never wanted to have a product that developed consumers, I wanted valued customers who had real life change.

PROOF is where the pudding is…

Listen to my Client’s stories and reviews HERE

I know in the Video it says 3 Slots Open, but Orlando has just 2 left now.

Sign up for Orlando July 23-25th

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