A few nights ago I announced to my email list that I am starting my Mastermind Program.

In fact I am not yet starting it, but I am Testing it.

So I am offering 10 guys a 50% Discount to this 12 Week Program that has been based on what my former star students have taught me.

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For now I want to go over something that will be a part of the 12 Week Mastermind Program –

We are all familiar with the basic idea of Opening and Transitioning.  Now what has made my students get the best results has not been the specific routines that I might teach them, but it is the fact that the routines are customized to them.   Customizing will  be taking the basics of Opening and Transitioning and putting it on Steroids.

When you first Approach anybody, especially a girl what are the first things you are communicating with.

I would say you are  Communicating with your Body Language, What you say and How You’re Interacting.

So Imagine your tools being just that –

-Body Language

-What you say

-How you interact

So if you have been following my blog, some of the things that you want to be achieving right away are –

– Compliance

– Comfort

– Intent

– Logistics

If you go to my youtube page http://www.youtube.com/theredmolecom you can see a Great Series that lays out how to gain some Instant Attraction and Seduction from Body Language alone.

Now if you really want to take those things that you have learned from those Body Language Videos and Maximize them then we have got to add that Customization Element.

So instead of giving you a bunch of lines to recite…let me show you how you want to start the Customization Process.

First – Ask yourself the Question –

“What is it that you want from this interaction?”

Second –Base your whole Opening sequence off of a Topic

It should be a Topic that will hit Deep with a Girl and in the Direction you want to carry it in.   If we are getting good at leading conversations, we might as well practice with topics that work and that we like.

I would say make a list of 1-3 things that you really like and we can take it from there.

Third – Have 2 “Push Pull” mechanisms

Your 2 “Push Pull” techniques are to fire out for when you just meet someone and you need a little stimuli.   This might seem confusing, but what I mean is something that stimulates a reaction.  Now the best rule towards these little verbal devices that get reactions is make them react back to those topics.

This might sounds a little confusing, but listing an application for you to go out and try is usually the best way to have people learn.

Theory + Action = Understanding

So here is an example from my life.

I used the opener ‘Tattoos on Girls” for about 4 months straight when I first started this stuff.  That built me the belief that I could go up to anybody and generate interest.  However I needed to let that go, I needed to grow out of it.

That opener served its purpose now I needed to actually get what I wanted.

So what did I want out of interactions?

I wanted to truly get to know a woman’s sexuality…

So that is what I would open about.

What topics could I pick based on this?

I could talk about  –

-Female Sexuality

-How men and women have relationships

-How women are more sexual than men

it is endless

Then what are 2 ‘Push Pull’ Mechanisms that would help me along?

I would pick 2 teases that could easily transition into these topics or they would empower them if we were already within these topics.

-I so can’t talk to you, you’re way too judgmental, but that’s because you attract the wrong type of guy…

-You know what I like about you…you’re dying for attention , but in all the wrong ways, men need to see more of you rather than playing to you…

So what I want you to do is put on your thinking cap…or actually your Imagination Cap and Imagine how this dialog would go…

Now let’s pick a logistical location for me do this in…I like going out to eat with my friends…So I will be talking to a waitress

“Hey can I ask you something…you work at a place where you probably get all the wrong kind of attention from people…”

(She will probably be confused by this)

“What I mean is that people are repressed in today’s culture and they never go for what they want….wait a minute I can’t talk to you, you’re not open minded enough and too busy…but that is only cause you attract the wrong guys in your life…”

(so I reworded the tease a bit, but that is kind of the point, be creative.  Also she is a waitress so I will dismiss her for when she comes back.  You never want to keep them there too long)

“Actually you look rushed, I will talk to you when you come back”

So she comes back

“Ok so like I was saying before, people are too repressed.  I am not sure you will understand this cause you are someone that gets a lot of attention from people but in the wrong ways.   Like let me ask you, what kind of people do you think you attract especially men?”

(she will be pretty challenged by this.   The goal is not to have he answer this, but to invest in entertaining my question.  That is good enough.  This investment is the compliance that I need, and from there I can move on to my real topic.)

“Look I don’t mean to put you on the spot, but I think there is a big difference between what women talk about and what men talk about.   In fact when if comes to sexuality no man really knows anything much about a woman’s sexuality.  Why do you think that is?”

You can see how it all interweaves together there.

The key to all of this is to go out and try it.  When you start taking these ideas like basing your Openers and Transitions about Topics that you are interested in and you factor in some elements like – Compliance, Logistics, Making people feel comfortable then you’re going to catapult your abilities in meeting and attracting the right women in your life.

So do it!

If you’re spending time and investing yourself in this, then do it the way you can get results.

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