Hey Guys,

I am totally excited about all these workshops I have got coming up in Austin.  This Morning I just emailed out some Special Discounts for the workshops I will be having in Austin in the months of July, August and September. I emailed that out on my list.

The Discounts are pretty Substantial so if you’re not on my list, GET ON THE LIST!

The Discounts end in just a few DAYS- July 3erd.   All you have to do is Open up the email and follow the link to save big bucks on what I will be doing here in Austin this Summer.

The Video I have attached here for you today is a sample of how to Open with Seduction.  It is a small sample of what I will be teaching in these upcoming workshops.

Last week I wrote an article on Opening in Seduction tha tyou can check out HERE

This Video Listed Below will help you through what I am describing in the Article.  It will also give you some insights on Delivery, and How the Opener Works.

And Remember, if you want to get in on those Discounts GET ON THE LIST!